Regular Member Meeting 2010 12 14

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Note: This page serves as the 2010-12-14 Member Meeting's agenda (before the meeting) and minutes (after the meeting).

Time and Location

December 14, 2010 Meeting called to order at 8pm by Timball (VP, acting).

Members Present:

Jamie A Elliot W Eric M Katie B Timball B Xaq R Andy W TC Todd F Ben S Arc R Brad B Phil S Martin R

Others Present: Jeremy B Francois

Quorum met? Probably.

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2010 11 09

Director Reports

President's Report

  • We've been assigned an IRS agent, signifying that our 501c3 application is well under way.

Vice President's Report

  • Vincent Gray administration contacts -- searching for space at better rates. Dupont underground is likely dead.

Treasurer's Report

  • We're adding members. We're around 42 paying members in November.
  • We've had some extraordinary income -- meeting of the Motley Fool in our space.
  • Income: $2,670 less expenses $2,144 = positive cashflow. Assets just shy of $8000.
  • Rent will possibly increase to $2,500.

HacDC Profit & Loss Detail November 2010

Date Type Num Name Memo/Description Split Amount Balance Ordinary Income/Expense

Income Membership Dues

Total for Membership Dues $1,930.00

Non Profit Income

11/11/2010 Sales Receipt 1278 Paypal 242.45 242.45 11/15/2010 Deposit BBT Checking 350.00 592.45 11/29/2010 Sales Receipt 1300 Paypal 145.35 737.80

Total for Non Profit Income $737.80

Total for Income $2,667.80


Bank Charges

11/22/2010 Journal Entry 38 -SPLIT- 4.00 4.00 Total for Bank Charges $4.00

Insurance 11/01/2010 Journal Entry 33 -SPLIT- 71.08 71.08 Total for Insurance $71.08

Office Expenses 11/02/2010 Journal Entry 34 -SPLIT- 37.45 37.45 11/12/2010 Check 1100 Intuit Quickbooks BBT Checking 10.55 48.00 11/15/2010 Check 1002 Intuit Quickbooks BBT Checking 10.55 58.55 11/26/2010 Journal Entry 39 -SPLIT- 10.55 69.10 Total for Office Expenses $69.10

Rent or Lease 11/12/2010 Check 1001 St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church BBT Checking 2,000.00 2,000.00 Total for Rent or Lease $2,000.00

Total for Expenses $2,144.18 Net Income $523.62

ASSETS Current Assets Bank Accounts BBT Checking 4,409.86 Total Bank Accounts $4,409.86 Other Current Assets Paypal 2,667.17 Undeposited Funds 0.00 Total Other Current Assets $2,667.17 Total Current Assets $7,077.03 Other Assets Rent Security Deposits 850.00 Total Other Assets $850.00 TOTAL ASSETS $7,927.03 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY $7,927.03

Secretary's Report

  • Dan Barlow de-membered himself. We will miss him.

Director-at-Large Reports


Unable to attend due to school commitments.

Please use the website to publish things! We have one small posts up on Spaceblimp 3; which briefly announced the planned date (which then channged). We had no post to announce the rescheduled flight or too announce the success of the flight. Is this a problem with people not having access to the site or not willing to post things? If we are able to aggressively use web + social media, it will build awareness of our brand. This can potentially get us attention for funding from organizations for projects (think for a Spaceblimp 4) once we get 501C3 status.

(Martin suggested that our website was tricky to use. Ben offered to take stories and photos and post them up for people.)

Motley Fools used our space to hold their yearly software development meeting. We netted a $400 donation from that event. (Timball had an emergency, owes Ben the Pyrate a dinner because Ben came in and covered for him.)


  • Tea ceremony went very well. Around two dozen people attended. Scones and clotted cream.

Member Reports

  • (Martin) Alberto and Martin have been working on a kickstarter proposal. Should we run a project or as a nebulous fill-out-the-shop request. We need to think about schwag. Alden donated some clocks, photos from near-space, APRS trackers for thousand-dollar donors, etc. We could also offer advertisements on future spaceblimp runs. Timball offered to help. Need to think about dollar amounts, strategy.
  • (Arc) Geeks night out has been doing well. Running PFSense for church router. QoS trouble. Getting data from church tenants to map them for IP admins.
  • (Todd) Five went to Falls Church for FIRST robotics league mentoring meeting. Read up on FIRST if you don't know. Need for mentors in urban DC.

Old Business

  • Proposal to limit discussion of official HacDC business with the church to the board. Motion passed.

New Business

  • Proposal to approve holiday gift of $100 to our excellent security guard. Motion passed.

New Members

  • Francois T
  • Jeremy B
  • Severin T


Adjourned at 9:30.