Regular Member Meeting 2010 12 14

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Note: This page serves as the 2010-12-14 Member Meeting's agenda (before the meeting) and minutes (after the meeting).

Time and Location

December 14, 2010 Meeting called to order at ___ by ___.

Members Present:

Others Present:

Quorum met?

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2010 11 09

Director Reports

President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Vice President's Report

Secretary's Report

Director-at-Large Reports


Unable to attend due to school commitments.

Please use the website to publish things! We have no posts up on Spaceblimp 3; nothing to announce the planned flight or too announce the success of the flight. Is this a problem with people not having access to the site or not willing to post things? If we are able to aggressively use web + social media, it will build awareness of our brand. This can potentially get us attention for funding from organizations for projects (think for a Spaceblimp 4) once we get 501C3 status.


Member Reports

Chris Koepke/Arc Riley - ShmooCon Sleepover and Streaming

Old Business

New Business

New Members


Adjourned at ___.