Regular Member Meeting 2011 01 11

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Note: This page serves as the 2011-01-11 Member Meeting's agenda (before the meeting) and minutes (after the meeting).

Time and Location

January 11, 2011 Meeting called to order at 7:55 by Timball.

Members Present:

Timball Martin Phil S Tim C Todd F Chris K Ben M Xaq R Tommy J Will G Andy W Katie B Elliot W Toast Jamie

Others Present:

John W Ben H

Quorum met?


Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2010 12 14

Approved as read.

Director Reports

President's Report

In Vancouver.

Vice President's Report

Happy New Year.

Treasurer's Report

Total for Membership Dues $1,930.00

Non Profit Income

12/04/2010 Sales Receipt 1307 Paypal 96.80 96.80

12/16/2010 Sales Receipt 1330 Patrik Barbu in honor of david mcinnis Paypal 48.25 145.05

12/31/2010 Deposit BBT Checking 190.00 335.05

Total for Non Profit Income $335.05

Total for Income $2,265.05


Commissions & Fees

12/21/2010 Journal Entry 43 -SPLIT- 4.00 4.00

Total for Commissions & Fees $4.00

Dues & Subscriptions

12/15/2010 Check 1003 George Mason High School BBT Checking 70.00 70.00

Total for Dues & Subscriptions $70.00


12/16/2010 Journal Entry 42 -SPLIT- 71.08 71.08

Total for Insurance $71.08

Office Expenses

12/02/2010 Journal Entry 41 -SPLIT- 37.45 37.45

12/27/2010 Journal Entry 45 -SPLIT- 10.55 48.00

Total for Office Expenses $48.00


12/13/2010 Check 1004 Ben Stanfield BBT Checking 280.00 280.00

Total for Promotional $280.00

Rent or Lease

12/22/2010 Journal Entry 44 -SPLIT- 2,000.00 2,000.00

Total for Rent or Lease $2,000.00

Total for Expenses $2,473.08

Net Ordinary Income $ -208.03

Other Income/Expense

Other Income

Interest Earned

12/01/2010 Journal Entry 46 -SPLIT- 0.20 0.20

Total for Interest Earned $0.20

Total for Other Income $0.20

Net Other Income $0.20

Net Income $ -207.83



Current Assets

Bank Accounts

BBT Checking 2,126.78

Total Bank Accounts $2,126.78

Other Current Assets

Paypal 4,742.42

Undeposited Funds 0.00

Total Other Current Assets $4,742.42

Total Current Assets $6,869.20

Other Assets

Rent Security Deposits 850.00

Total Other Assets $850.00

TOTAL ASSETS $7,719.20


Secretary's Report

There is no spoon.

Director-at-Large Reports

Will: Been working with Jamie to clean up the HacDC drupal site: it was found by the spambots. Requiring new accounts has shut down the new spam, but there is still the issue of existing spammy comments which need to be removed.

Katie: Unicorn (My Little Pony + soldering iron) build this weekend, as well as cupcake packaging (hackerspace challenge). Will all be scheduled tomorrow, check the mailing list for details.

Member Reports

Todd: FIRST robotics. Five members went to the kickoff. Game is throwing inner tubes onto pegs on a wall while another bot has to climb a pole. We have relations with Dunbar HS (near convention center) and Cardozo HS (Columbia Heights) which is local. People who want to mentor need to get fingerprinted and TB-tested, forms by the computer. There may be an option for drop-by guest speaker status.

We also sent out our 501c3 application, after it was returned with questions.

Chris: Our crashspace will be listed on the Schmoocon website once the booked-up hotel fills.

Tommy: Spent last few months building Q-switch trigger for his big scary laser. It's all GPL, ask for details if you're interested. Small YAG laser for sale, with frequency doubler.

Martin: Whatever became of Friends of HacDC? Thinks there's a bunch of people who'd donate a small amount. We could advertise this, donate small bits of schwag.

Elliot: 3D printing extravaganza. We had four bots in the space, bunch of people working on them. I'll run a 3D printing Noob-to-Pro weekend workshop in a few weeks.

Martin: We should have an open-hack night.

Will: Sent out a list of programming, past and future. Wants to collect up a list of skills. Need more instructions on how to run an event at HacDC.

Old Business

New Business

New Members

John W.


Adjourned at 8:50.