Regular Member Meeting 2011 05 10

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Note: This page serves as the 2011-05-10 Member Meeting's agenda (before the meeting) and minutes (after the meeting).

Time and Location

May 10, 2011

Meeting called to order at _7:40_ by _Red Beard_.

Members Present: Red Beard, TC, Toast, Martin, Phil, Brad, Reuben, Elizabeth, Zack, Ben, Elliot, Jamie

Others Present: Adam, Eric

Quorum met? Yes

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2011 04 12 Approved.

Director Reports

President's Report

Upcoming events:

  • Maker Faire
    • SF
      • (Anyone going?)
    • Detroit
      • (Anyone going?)
      • Scooter Race (Entries?)

Fundraising Opportunities:

    • ASCAP
    • MetLife - Meet the artist
  • Weather Station
  • Contuning Edubuzzer
  • "Photography Project Invites Proposals for Audience Engagement"
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Data Challenge
  • Ideas that Matter
  • Programs Serving Children With Disabilities
  • Chesapeake Bay Trust
  • National Geographic
  • Apps for Communities Challenge, which aims to help bring useful public data to traditionally underserved populations through Web, mobile, or text/SMS- based applications.

We're getting a full-blown copy of Eagle

Vice President's Report

GGHC was fun. Not a turning-point clicker, has a knob. Wireless focus-group controllers. (Also Pong controllers.)

Alberto & Elliot finished an art project and it's up in Artisphere.

Restarting the micro-controllers class soon and recording it. Maybe use Kickstarter to fund the recordings.

Elliot talked to (Church) Brian and we might be able to negotiate lower rent.

Treasurer's Report


 44 members payed via PayPal


 Paypal 14 Friends subscriptions: $455   (Donations ranged from $0.25
to $100 /month!)
 Paypal 41 members: $2050                   (Many people doubled up)
 Paypal unrestricted donations: $300      (Including very generous
donation from Japan and several local individuals)
 Paypal echecks (inc. 3 members):         $150
 Cash donations deposited:               $250
 Total         $2955

One time $900 donation earmarked for a specific project and therefore
not counted as income.
Two Make magazine subscriptions @ 34.95 (net 33.64).  Is anyone
willing to take over the subscription task?


04/26/2011      Debit           INTUIT *QB ONLINE 04-25 800-286-6800 CA 1703 BB&T
04/18/2011      Debit           SFPP STATE FARM RO 27 XXXXXXXXXXX4321 ACH DEBIT         $68.58
04/14/2011      Check   1007    CHECK #1007  View       $2,526.00
04/04/2011      POS             350 NICE INC. 04-02 415-8684457 CA 1703 BB&T CHECK
04/04/2011      POS             LINODE.COM 04-02 609-593-7103 NJ 1703 BB&T CHECK
04/2011            paypal fees  $108
Total expenses:  $2771

Net income:  $183.45

Our anonymous patrons deserve a huge thanks.  Any thoughts on how we
can show our appreciation?

We're doing better, but we need to keep working at it.

Secretary's Report

TECS is going well, we've covered the hard parts.

Project Byzantium got some press and we're doing a talk at NOVALUG

Director-at-Large Reports

Will G

Brad B

Member Reports

Old Business


New Business

New Members

Space Discussion


Adjourned at __