Regular Member Meeting 2011 06 14

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Note: This page serves as the 2011-06-14 Member Meeting's agenda (before the meeting) and minutes (after the meeting).

Time and Location

June 14, 2011

Meeting called to order at _7:30_ by _Elliot_.

Members Present: Elliot, Jamie, Phil, Martin, Brad, Ruben, Toast, Tim, Xaq, Ben, Chris

Others Present:

Quorum met? Yes

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2011 05 10 Approved.

Director Reports

President's Report


Vice President's Report

  • I signed a new lease for the same rent as before ($2,526). It turns out that we are already getting use of the basement space for free, in exchange for our maintaining the church ethernet, and the square-footage price is exactly in-line with the rest of the tenants in the church. I.e. there was no good bargaining room.
  • What we _did_ agree to was to help the church install a new intercom system on our floor for $2000. We need to meet some weekend (probably) to run some cables through the ceiling tile and hook up intercoms in all the offices on the floor. The church was going to pay a contractor for this, and Brian thought it'd be a great way to hook HacDC up with some money for a Saturday's work. We'll need a bunch of willing volunteers.
  • TC isn't able to continue on as Treasurer due to a whole bunch of family obligations. I currently have the books and the checkbook, and I've paid our rent. If I get some time, I'll look at our financials and sent out a quasi-Treasurer's report in a bit.
  • Rock on!

Treasurer's Report (Vacant)

Secretary's Report

Byzantium has been getting some attention, people are starting to see the need for cheap and reliable mesh networking. Still more work to be done, people are interested but we need a working mailing list.

TECS is done for now.

Director-at-Large Reports


Brad B

Brad & Reuben have been teaching Python. Great class!

Haven't made much progress with realtors. We already have a very good rate.

We're partnering with and to do a visualization hack-a-thon.

Member Reports


Girl rock concert... 5 people showed up. (Blue and her friends.)

Zine-fest coming up in mid-July. (They're like paper blogs.) They would like to use our space for workshops.

Women punk-rock thing happening in early July. They would also like to do workshops in the space.

Running for Director at Large.


Reprap is being built.

Discussion about a 3D printing class. Might actually happen this time. Don't want to start until the RepRap is finished so we have more than one printer.


Starting a Max MSP workshop. (real-time audio stuff) Four workshops because it would be a trial version.


Reminder that Byzantium starts on the last Friday of every month. We keep having schedule collisions with other events.


Spaceblimp will fly before the end of August. A bunch of grant possibilities available.

Will G.

DC-MAN has some opportunity for educational access.

Old Business

New Business

Special Election for Director-at-Large

Tim Slagle is running for Director-at-Large on the LASER platform (We need a laser cutter @ HacDC). -LASERS!!!!!!!! ......q:

Any other candidates??? Toast Nom: Will G. Second: Elliot Elected!

Special Election for Treasurer

Any candidates??? Tim Slagle. Nom: Elliot Second: Will G. Elected!

Do we still get a laser? Maybe.

Friendly Visitors


From VA. Interested in woodworking.


New to DC. Found us on Also from VA. Software design.


Adjourned at _8:10_