Regular Member Meeting 2011 10 11

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Note: This page serves as the 2011-10-11 Member Meeting's agenda (before the meeting) and minutes (after the meeting).

Time and Location

October 11, 2011

Meeting called to order at __07:40__ by: Ben Mendis

Members Present: Ben The Pyrate, Brad, Toast, Dan, Tim, Martin, Danny, Todd, Richard, Chris, Reuven, Jon, Jaime, Xaq Others Present: Emily, Max, Rae, Nick

Quorum met? Yes

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2011 09 13 Approved

Director Reports

President's Report

Not here.

Vice President's Report


Treasurer's Report (Tim Slagle)

Here is the Sept 2011 financial summary: File:HacDC Financials Sept 2011.pdf

We ended September about $100 ahead even though one-time contributions have dropped to zero (no robotics class?). This is because we added six member subscriptions in September! New paying members are: Adam Green, Dan Barlow, Daniel Watson, Emily Dunne, Richard Bullington-McGuire and Reuven Cohen (voted in May 2011). Alex Hofmann last paid dues in June and was administratively dropped since he didn't respond to emails.

Membership revenue now exceeds rent in the "new" space, but we still rely on extra contributions to meet all expenses (hosting, insurance, etc.) so thanks to everyone who kicks in extra!

Quorum is now 13.

Alberto and I checked out a possible space, 3 blocks east of the NY Ave Metro (near the DC Fab Lab!) The deal was to sublet 4/5 of a 5000 ft^2 warehouse for about $2500/mo. However utilities would run $600/mo in winter, it would cost $5K to fix up before we could occupy, and the roof leaked all over the space and would cost $25K to fix. It seemed like a cool space for someone with the cash to fix it up, but not us :-(

Our corporate status was revoked by DC in September even though we filed the required paperwork in Jan 2011. I have been in touch with DC and we need to recreate the report that was filed since no copy was made. We are still waiting on getting address info for the directors as of Jan 2011, I will submit it ASAP once we have everything.

ITG is switching mailing lists over to Google Groups. We found 17 recent paying members who were not subscribed to the HacDC:Members list, and ITG sent emails out inviting them to join.

Secretary's Report

Need to move all the member information onto Google Apps and need to make sure all our member info is up to date on the digital list.

Director-at-Large Reports


Brad B

We got $10k worth of laser gear!!!!!! AWESOME!!

Talked to Phillis at Fab Lab DC. Wants to collaborate with us.

Member Reports

ITechGeek (Jamie)

6 of those 17 members who weren't on the members mailing list have responded back asking to be placed on the members mailing list (and have been added).

Also while auditing the members mailing list, there were 27 past members/4 never members (As far as Tim S knows) on the list. Should those people be moved on when members is migrated to Google Apps?

29 total mailing lists, 4 mailing lists moved over (A 5th was created new), 2 mailing lists the list owners have said can be killed. Awaiting word back from people about 7 mailing lists. Sent a message to BOD about 9 lists that I haven't heard back from them.

A lot of people have expressed their dislike of Drupal, does anyone actually have an issue w/ being migrated to Wordpress 3? I think I've found a way to import all the old posts from the Drupal site into a Wordpress site. This is an initial concept site:


Software Thrusdays is bring in new people to the space.

AI study group may be moving to Thursday as well.

Working on a new course involving Unix command-line.


Work on the Prusa Mendle has slowed because he needs help working with Microcontrollers. Specifically, an Arduino. Hanging out at Occupy DC. They need some tech help. Talk to Xaq.


Doing wiring for the chruch, should wrap up next weekend.

Ham radio club is meeting tomorrow.

We have a booth for an upcoming Robot Festival-like event.

Katie sent us some tasty treats from Japan.

Dan Barlow

We had some visitors from a Chinese hackerspace last week.

We have a bunch of cool laser stuff, Dan has ideas for how to setup "Party Mode" in the class room.


Learned about a new space called GeekEasy(.org).

Old Business


New Business

New Vice President

Bradford has been upgraded.

The vacant DAL position will be filled at the next meeting.

Martin will become our new registered agent for DC corporate status.

New Members

Emily Dunne

Nom: Ben Sec: Chris Approved


Nom: Toast Sec: Brad Approved


Nom: Ben Sec: Chris Approved

Mike Chelen

Nom: Chris Sec: Jon Thrid: none. Waiting until next meeting.


Adjourned at: 8:45