Regular Member Meeting 2011 11 08

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Note: This page serves as the 2011-11-08 Member Meeting's agenda (before the meeting) and minutes (after the meeting).

Time and Location

November 8, 2011

Meeting called to order at 19:55 by: Redbeard

Members Present: Martin, Phil, Todd, Toast, Tim S., Adam, Brad, Dan Barlow, Daniel Watson, Maxwell, Jamie, Emily, Alex, Redbeard

Others Present: Mike, Nadir

Quorum met? yes

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2011 10 11

Director Reports

President's Report

End of the year, so that means we need to beg for money. Do it.

Vice President's Report

One big thing: Before Elliot left, we were in communications with Viz arts in Rockville (trying to make a makerspace for young ladies, 5th grade-ish). Viz arts have subsequently followed up and Brad will be teach classes there on the condition of co-branding and a cut of some grant money. He wants to show up to a Microcontroller Monday and record a Kickstarter video as a plea for money (Arduinos, gear, etc). Members interested in participating would be appreciated. Brad will be doing drop in Arduino sessions to teach about basic electronics and getting started. Will be 10 wk class to teach processing and hardware interaction. Current lab is 8 Mac Pros and some Macbook pros. They are set as far as a standardized lab, but are lacking in traditional "maker" gear (o-scopes, soldering irons, etc).

Treasurer's Report (Tim Slagle)

Here is the October 2011 financial summary: File:HacDC Financials Oct 2011.pdf

October was good to HacDC, we finished ahead more than $500 due to increased membership revenue, additional member donations, and a generous one-time donation from Stephen Beuttel (thanks!) We added three membership subscriptions in October: Maxwell Whitaker, Mike Chelen (who didn't yet get voted in as a member), and Nicholas Stoler. Jeremy Bruestle dropped because he moved out of the area, and we had one non-paying member.

I'd still like to add more members - 60 would be a good goal. Then our expenses would be met by member dues, people wouldn't need to keep contributing extra (unless they wanted to!), and any additional money that came in through class and event donations could go to funding some projects.

Our DC corporate status was restored once we recreated the paperwork and sent them proof of payment.

I called PayPal and got us activated with their non-profit program, so we are paying 2.2% instead of 2.9% (plus $0.30 per transaction). This will save us ~$20/mo in fees.

Our change of DC Registered Agent paperwork is filled out and can be submitted once signed by the appropriate directors.

Secretary's Report


Director-at-Large Reports


Not much to report… Went to Smithsonian and got awesome. Looking to swap out Mario cabinet in the space for a different cabinet which is being donated soon. Need help moving the cabinet.

Vacant (election today!)

Member Reports

Jamie - Slacking on migrating the mailing list, will try to finish by thxgvng. FredHack (Fredricksburg, VA) has some metalworking gear (described as "big") and will let us use it. Owner of metalworking gear owns a large tract of land. He has invited us to come play with things requiring open space. Has extra hackerspace passports and is looking to unload them.

Brad - Back in the day we used to do lightning talks. Brad will spearhead them. December or New Year as a timeline. (Phil: Can we find a previous speakers list that Daniel P. kept?)

Tim S. - Went with Alberto to Fab Lab open house. Space is on North Capitol near NY Ave Metro. Have space but no/very little gear. Space is owned by Phyllis' (Executive Director's) husband. Open house runs through Thursday as a part of DC week (10:30 am - 3:00pm). Were there for hours but no one else showed up. They have a Prusa Mendel (3d printer). It's not a part of the Fab Lab cannon. Additionally, they have some chinese 3d printers.

Old Business

New Business

Election for Director-At-Large position.

Yearly Member meeting

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