Regular Member Meeting 2012 05 08

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Time and Location

May 8, 2012

Meeting called to order at 7:46pm by:

Members Present: Brad Jon Eric Phil Ben Martin Katie Liz Allie Richard Dan Jamie Lee Nick Ruben!

Others Present: Rob Matthew

Quorum met? yes

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2012 04 10 *Approved*

Director Reports

President's Report

Starting teaching classes for Washington Project for the Arts at Artisphere. Knowledge Commons DC has approached to teach a class on programming. Cross-listing course with KDC and HacDC. Also teaching a wommyns programming class. More info when the time comes.

Vice President's Report

Byzantium presenting next weekend at CarolinaCon in Raleigh, NC and at HOPE NYC. If interested in presenting cool stuff at HOPE contact Ben.

Treasurer's Report

Here is the financial summary spreadsheet for April 2012: File:HacDC Financials Apr 2012.pdf

We now have 62 paying members and quorum is 15.

The Church didn't deposit our rent check for April (why TBD), but ignoring that we had an $800 surplus in April. This includes a one-time cash donation of $200 for microcontroller boards that were purchased with HacDC funds some time ago.

A tripod for the video recording setup approved two months ago was purchased.

Secretary's Report

Will be working on a spreadsheet of member contact info. Expect an email in the near future requesting this info for internal HacDC google doc.

Director-at-Large Reports


Tomorrow (Wednesday) having meeting of HacDC ARRL Club. Approving bylaws to gain recognition from ARRL as an associate club.


Nick is doing finals. Wait, Nick is not doing finals. Nothing.

Member Reports

Tim Slagle

I got all the gear I ordered for the event video recording setup. I talked to Church Brian and the custodian about storing the gear in the mop closet which is on a different key than the front door - we would need to make more keys and give them to the presenters as classes commence. Microphone still needs to be purchased pending tests of our wireless mic with the camera.

Our booth at the 2012 USA Science & Engineering Festival was a success and showed off the diverse interests of the HacDC members well, I think. We gave out almost 1200 Dum Dum lolipops and probably around 100 plotter portraits ("Mug Plots"). The Doctor was an indefatigable booth relations machine, doing an awesome job of explaining Byzantium and HacDC in general to the stream of passers-by. Thanks to everyone who worked the booth, and especially to Martin, The Doctor, and Shawn "ag4ve" Wilson for helping with setup and takedown of my gear. Also thanks to Mark Adams for designing and printing 1500 HacDC postcards that we should be able to use for many events to come.


NPR interviews a few of the Byzantium developers and we have some badass publicity as a result. Links in the usual places.


Will be in the NL in June, learning about Beagleboards and design and interested in teaching a class with said knowledge upon return.


Mention of HacDC on ARRL Facebook page thanks to Nick's help. ARRL donated license manuals for the effort. Woot. Going to Dayton Hamfest soon!! Still room in the caravan if interest in joining the hamfestivities. Come one come all!


In the church auditorium Saturday June 9th at 3PM, The RETURN OF HACDC LIGHTNING TALKS!!! 5 minute speaking opportunities still available. Any topic that is interesting to you is interesting to us.


Any interest in Dwolla? Will save money!


Chairs soon!


Trying to move woodworking equipment (saws) to lower level space, to complement woodshop.

Old Business

New Business

New Members


Really interested in radio projects. Working to improve radio equipment at the space and building hyper-sensitive radio. Nominated by Lee, Phil seconded. *[Approved]*


Adjourned at: 8:44 pm