Regular Member Meeting 2012 06 12

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June 12, 2012

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Regular Member Meeting 2012 05 08

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It has been requested to connect the occupancy sensor to the phone line so people can call and check that status. As far as I can figure, the best solution is twilio. I've checked with Haxwithaxe and we can make a connection between the occupancy sensor he is building and the XML driven interface of twilio.

First off, explanation of the services involved and costs: - voip service that costs 1.05 cents per min.  Has a lot of other features as well.

Twilio ( a service with a text to speech engine along with other features and is XML driven.  Costs 1 cent/min inbound, 2 cents/min outbound, and 2 cents for in and out SMS which we might be blue to find a use for.

Both services cost $1/mo per phone number.

I'm building a twilio XML system that when people call they have an interactive menu that: 1) Address 2) Checks the status of the occupancy sensor (which Chris is currently rebuilding). 8) leave a voicemail which the link for the message will be emailed to the members list. 9) contact the space which when this option is being used will be charged inbound twilio, outbound twilio, inbound

Because twilio is XML driven, we can add as much or as little to the automated menu including dynamic information being pulled from online.

For example the spaceblimp where people could call a number to track it, I believe that was twilio driven.

This way people don't have to actually contact someone in the space to call and find out if the space is open.

Tim S will have the number to provide a demo during the meeting. Note the option 9 currently rings to me and option 8 sends the notice to my email.

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