Regular Member Meeting 2012 08 14

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Time and Location

August 14, 2012

Meeting called to order at 7:47pm by:

Members Present: Brad, Ben, Martin, Chris, Eric, Jon, Tim S, Jamie, Katie, Tim C, Liz, Andy, Bjorn, BioNick, Dan

Others Present: Sharad, Nick

Quorum met? yes

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2012 07 10

Director Reports

President's Report

Lots of random contact to BOD list. Looking forward to PR work (now have access to all external HacDC media).

Vice President's Report


We presented at HOPE (where we released v0.2a) and FOSSCON. Generally positive feedback. We're still making steady improvements.

I purchased 710 CDs with color-printed labels to give out at HOPE and FOSSCON. This cost a total of $395.68 ($223.50 for 500 CDs, $172.18 for another 200 CDs + duplication).

We have gained a new developer on the team, and possibly a new UX designer as well.

We are submitting our talk to CCC.

We are discussing mesh interoperabilty with several other groups and we may be attending a summit in Barcelona to present our proposals to a broader audience and begin the process of building a standard.

Columbia Heights/Mount Pleasant Community Wireless Network

Preston has given me a new firmware update for the router when he was here yesterday. We would have run the update already but I managed to forget the password so we need to reflash over TFTP. (My bad.)

It appears that there is growing interests in Columbia Heights for a community wireless network. As soon as our node is connected to any other node in either network I want to start coding sprints to build community/mesh-centric web apps.


I switched to Dwolla. It's fun, it's easy. Everyone should do it!

The Elements of Computing Systems

I'm planning to run this again this fall. Hopefully with FPGAs!

Treasurer's Report

Here is the financial summary spreadsheet for July 2012: File:HacDC Financials 2012 07.pdf We had a one-time donation of $500 which is earmarked for Byzantium expenses. Otherwise, at 56 paying members, membership dues are just covering expenses and the remaining $280 surplus is due to the generous member and friend contributions - thanks to everyone who kicks in extra!

We logged three new membership subscriptions last month (Daniel Koestler, Samudra Haque, Timothy Dixon) but lost four (Alli Rense, David Lotts, Mike Chelen, Xaq Rothman), and had four non-paying members. There are several more members expected to drop in August so revenue from membership dues may be dipping below expenses until we add members again.

Quorum stays at 14 considering the members who have dropped in August.

Director-at-Large Reports


Amateur radio activity is picking up steadily. Awaiting certification from ARRL. Space blimps scheduled for launch this year!


Leaving. :( Resigned due to impropriety (actually just moving).

Member Reports

HOPE9 attendees' reports


  • $100 active lead EEG headset
  • OpenBTS
  • SleepyHead CPAP data reader/tracker
  • Carry your ear plugs ... tinnitus sucks :(

haxwithaxe/The Doctor/Ben/Redbeard

The epic journey and the magic fairy-god-occupiers


Getting in touch with people at Hacktory Philly to do Hacking the Gender Gap workshop. Lightning Talks November 3rd!!! Working on getting full consent for release of video of last talks. Maybe tea night soon.


SELEM 2012 this weekend. Lasers!! Pew pew! Continuing to work on X-Laser donations. In need of 15V/1A PSUs.


New t-shirts? Submit new design ideas to Andy!


Recorded Brad's Intro to Python class - videos are on HacDC YouTube site!


Went on sabbatical to Stime in Amsterdam. Looking to collaborate on musical projects/max msp.


Raspberry Pi road show! Sept 26th!!

Old Business

New Business

  • Reimburse Ben for the purchase of the Byzantium CDs (appoved)

New Members

Sharad (approved)

Electrician!  :)

Nick (approved)

We all know Nick!


Adjourned at: 8:18pm