Regular Member Meeting 2013 04 09

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Time and Location

April 9, 2013

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes


Director Reports

President's Report

Vice President's Report

  • Draft: Shop Rules
  • Call for certification standards for the more dangerous tools
    • who can certify?
    • what if any experience and/or training is required?
    • rules for operation (primarily safety best practices)?
    • explicit safe/unsafe locations within or adjacent to the space?
    • examples:

Treasurer's Report

Project Awesome

Secretary's Report

Working out Secretary's duties, trying to determine current rules for tracking member list and announcing meetings. Otherwise nothing new to report. Gatohaus 10:40, 8 April 2013 (PDT)

Director-at-Large Reports

Project Awesome Reports

Project LASER


  • ISC Grant:
    • Meetings (semiweekly hangouts/meatspace)
    • RasPi - ByzPi
    • next Goal - Mac compatibility
    • 3rd Goal - Mesh over Ham radio
    • 4th Goal - 0.4b release with all the fun stuff created in the other goals


Project 3DP

PLA supplies have dwindled. Plan to buy Ultimachine PLA 3mm White 1Kg on Spool, which has a proven track record at HacDC. Bonus: we will probably receive more sample colors from Ultimachine.

However, no funds are presently allocated to Project 3DP.

Member Reports

Old Business

New Business

  • If not sufficient Project Awesome funds , then approve purchase of more PLA (as discussed by Mirage)
  • Last Consider (no vote) Article II of the Proposed Standing Rules for voting on at next month's meeting.

New Members