Regular Member Meeting 2013 06 11

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Time and Location

June 11, 2013
Called to order at _:_ by __.
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Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2013 05 14


Director Reports

President's Report

Vice President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Here is the financial summary spreadsheet for May 2013: File:HacDC Financials 2013 05.pdf. We gained Alex as a new member (he was voted in last month), and prospective members Jason and Kay have already started paying dues. Matt Lesko left. Five people (members and non-members) made non-dues donations.

Project Awesome

We had a surplus so I am able to declare a $300 Project Awesome dividend and add $143.94 to our reserves. Here is the Project Awesome spreadsheet for May: File:HacDC PA Projects-2013 05.pdf. There are still 16 votes, with no changes in voting since last month.

Secretary's Report

Director-at-Large Reports

Shawn Nock (unable to attend)

Project Awesome Reports

Project LASER




3D Printers

Prusa Mendel

Easy fire-and-forget operation. Stable and efficient. Essential spare parts available.

Please read Category:PrusaMendel if you haven't used the printer in a while.

Cupcake Makerbot

Crated, awaiting pickup by owner or repair. Really, this machine is limiting, very difficult to use, no longer needed to repair the Prusa Mendel, and taking up a lot of space.


Mill stock replenishment may occur soon, pending some testing.

We ought to trade/sell most of our ABS stock. We don't need more than 1kg. PLA is stronger, except in rare (eg. high-temperature/outdoor) situations.


$83.76 Receipts mentioned last month have been reimbursed.


Needs a project contact!

Member Reports



Three NeuroSky Mindwave devices have arrived. Alexander Stone has developed a workable multiplayer ping pong game based on their raw "activity" data. Also, adding an LT1168 instrumentation amplifier may greatly improve sensitivity.

Biosignal amplifier is producing real EEG data. Occipital lobe alpha waves are cleanly detected when users close their eyes. Further improvements are focused on comfort (ie. sponge electrodes).

HacDC Licensing Policy

Added "by default" to make the policy less restrictive. However, the article might still conflict with other licenses used at HacDC (including GPL), or even inhibit commercial interest in our space. Might be better if the distinction between website content and HacDC hardware/software projects was made explicitly.

Optical Table

At some (unknown - mirage335 is unavailable this weekend) date, help may be needed to bring the optical table to HacDC. It is still awaiting the opportunity and lifting resources to move in at HacDC.

Estimated at ~$3k, the table will enable advanced optical experiments and attract another field of expertise to the space. Otherwise, it is headed for scrap.

In case we cannot figure out something ourselves, we might think about authorizing Project Awesome funds to be spent on a professional moving service.

Old Business

  • Privacy_Policy is put forward for member vote as officially adopted policy. Notification was sent to members on 04May2013.
    • In the week since announcing this was up for vote, there has been a lot of discussion and probably not enough agreement to actually vote on it.
  • Licensing Policy is put forward for member vote as officially adopted policy. Notification was also sent to members on 04May2013.
  • Vote to approve "Article II: Membership" and "Article III: Expenditures and Reimbursements" from the Proposed Standing Rules.
  • Shop Rules is put forward for member vote. Such rules as these are pointed to in Article VI in Proposed Standing Rules.

New Business

New Members