Regular Member Meeting 2013 07 09

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Time and Location

July 9, 2013
Called to order at ___ by ___.
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Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2013 06 11


Dan Barlow, Martin, Jon Singer

Massive thanks for Optical Table delivery (including difficult rigging). Advanced mechanical (eg. advanced 3D printers, CNC mills) and optical (eg. microscopy) engineering is now possible at HacDC.

Director Reports

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Treasurer's Report

Here is the financial summary spreadsheet for June 2013: File:HacDC Financials 2013 06.pdf. We regained Nick Mapsy as a member. Andy Walker, Eric Miller, and TJ Johnson left. Five people (members and non-members) made non-dues donations.

Project Awesome

We had a surplus so I am able to declare a $250 Project Awesome dividend and add $113.49 to our reserves. Here is the Project Awesome spreadsheet for June: File:HacDC PA Projects-2013 06.pdf. There are currently 15 votes.

Secretary's Report

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Shawn Nock


Project Awesome Reports

Project LASER



[Alberto:] Tim S has been reimbursed [treasurer@, please confirm/deny?] for soldering irons and other Project Kitbuild supplies he had ordered. The first Kitbuild will take place next week, July 16, at the 1st of 4 sessions of HacDC Summer School 2013. The boxes with the soldering goodies have been taking up valuable space in the shop for a few weeks. I have been unable to get to the space to do anything and apologize for that clutter. I'm recruiting helpers to move it out of there to a better storage location and would appreciate guidance on where best to store the stuff.


No expenditures this month. Ongoing equipment setup and cleanup has been a priority. Also, we have many semi-sorted components (resistors and similar) taking up several boxes. Consolidating these into a mini-rack would be useful and save space.


Member Reports



  • NDA will be narrowly limited in scope, and not apply to HacDC members who do not sign.
  • So far, we have informally agreed to a mockup CAD model within about a week, and a complete technology demonstration in about a month. These goals are easily feasible.


For the next four Tuesdays, we will host workshops (publicized as HacDC Summer School 2013) providing an introduction to physical computing with Arduino, Danger Shield, and Processing. As noted above, the first of these will be a kitbuild for the Danger Shield. The class filled up instantly and I increased seats from the original 10 to 16.

I'm sure we could bring a lot of new people into the space with similar offerings. It may be a good idea to try to design a series with a big arc so that folks stay engaged on a broad topic but can get value from attending just one workshop. One addition which would dovetail nicely as a run-up to these 4 sessions would be an Intro to Electronics, and a series which might fit nicely as a follow up would be one on AVR programming. I want to thank Katie, Martin, Phil, Shawn and Chris for offering to help out, especially during the first one.

David Mc

Starting planning for 3DP build run. 3DP_Build_Run_2013.07 Would like to go with Kossel Pro, but Kossel Mini seems more likely.

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Adjourned at ___.