Regular Member Meeting 2013 08 13

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Time and Location

August 13, 2013
Called to order at ___ by ___.
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Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2013 07 09


  • Alberto - for running a classy class and giving the kitbuild tools a maiden voyage, and for tackling the WP autoupgrade bugs.
  • Dan B & Mirage - for getting the laser up and running, and training people to use it.
  • David W - for helping the church guard out by giving him a laptop and hopefully for having fixed it by this meeting.
  • Sean N - 1) for successfully forking and merging his genetic code 2) for getting a bunch of us on retroshare
  • ITG and Shawn S - for spearheading the next cryptoparty organization
  • haxwithaxe - Prototype frame for DIY HacDC projector.
  • Dan Barlow - Working dehumidifier, cleanup, optical advice.

Director Reports

President's Report

Vice President's Report

  • working on the de-datacenter machine. got harddrives, need to install them.
  • tvb dongle SDR is running at work with gqrx
  • website performance is getting better
  • planning for wired network inside the space

Treasurer's Report

Here is the financial summary spreadsheet for July 2013: File:HacDC Financials 2013 07.pdf. We gained David Pietrocola as a new member (voted in last month), and prospective members Jeffery Herrity and Robert Ryan-Silva have already started paying dues. Jason Fox and Chris Danicic were voted in as members last month but have yet to pay dues; four other members are delinquent on dues. Graham C., Timothy R., and Nicolas J. (Loki) left. Six people (members and non-members) made non-dues donations.

Project Awesome

Since we only had a surplus of $109.64, I am adding that entire amount to our reserves and declining to declare a Project Awesome dividend for the month of July. Here is the Project Awesome spreadsheet for July: File:HacDC PA Projects-2013 07.pdf. There are currently 15 votes.

Secretary's Report

Nothing to report.

Director-at-Large Reports

Shawn Nock


Project Awesome Reports

Project LASER




Total expenditure: ~$120


  • PLA filament.
  • Copper clad board.
  • Spare PCB milling bit.


  • PLA polishing solvent for silky smooth parts.
  • Solder paste.


  • Light bulbs for HacDC DIY projector. Not charging to SUPPLIES unless other HacDC members agree they should be.
  • IGBT Modules. We may get 3 of these for $3 each. Usual price is $100 each. Credit to Dan Barlow for the find.


Requests for Commentary

  • Large plastic buckets. Are these within the PA_SUPPLIES project scope? If so, cleanup efforts need them urgently.


Member Reports




Looking promising. Progress has been made, negotiations are still in progress, may give further details later.

Biosignal Amplifier

More comfortable headgear and 24bit ADC final assembly underway. These last upgrades promise plug-and-play usability.


Taught about 4 people safe laser cutter usage. Walk-ins welcome Thursday, and random weekend days.


Most of our expensive equipment is now listed in at Category:Equipment with pictures. Might be wise to link that to the front page.


HacDC needs a new projector, ideally 1080p and >5k lumens output.

  • DIY is a well-trodden path. Estimate cost around $300 and three weeks, size at 1000mm*515mm*300mm (36"*21"*12") with an 80% chance of high-performance under budget and time. Any unused optics would become core tools in our growing optical lab.
  • Commercial-off-the-shelf costs $1500.
  • Either way, funding is needed.

So far, technical design is by me, labor by haxwithaxe, oversight by Dan Barlow.

  • Successful projection with stage light, LCD, and overhead projector lenses.
  • Complete light path calculation spreadsheet for redesign.
  • Basic optics experiments. Minimum beam expansion with non-laser source and Fresnel lens stacking.
  • Prototyping frame (excessively large for future-proofing).
Equipment Requests

A high-power visible spectrum (ie. Ar/Kr) laser would trivialize this project.


Bought, working, and draining to the outside. Steam pipe opening sealed. (cut on 3 sides to enter, tape afterwards)

Is it sufficient?

Old Business

New Business

New Members


Adjourned at ___.