Regular Member Meeting 2014 02 11

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Time and Location

February 11, 2014
Called to order at _____ by _______
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Quorum met?

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2014 01 14


Martin Rothfield

I would like to recognize Martin's years of contributions to HacDC from its inception until his regrettable resignation. During the early days, he put in countless hours getting the space organized, including building shelves. This sweat equity continued to grow in countless projects throughout the years. He is a generous teacher and helped me and others on many occasions overcome our technical inadequacies. He spearheaded the organization and creation of HARC, organized presenters, and funded the direct mail initiative to increase its membership. I'm going to miss his energy around the space. Thank you, Martin. -- Alberto


David McInnis for LED shelf lighting. Zack, Julia Longtin, Sharad and others for Basement Cleanup. mirage335 for finishing the biosignal amplifier project and drafting the announcement (which Alberto posted). Dan Barlow for help with photolithography research.

Director Reports

President's Report

Vice President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Here is the financial summary spreadsheet for January 2014: File:HacDC Financials 2014 01.pdf. In the past month we received resignations from At-Large Director Shawn Nock, long-time contributor Martin Rothfield, Ken Chalk, Richard Pournelle, Zach Walls, Jarett DeAngelis, Erica Kane, and Robert King. We have one new member, Abe. Including dues-paying, dues-waived, and behind-on-dues-but-repaying members, we have 57 members.

Project Awesome

Here is the Project Awesome spreadsheet for January: File:HacDC PA Projects-2014 01.pdf. Since we have a negative surplus for the first time since December 2012, I cannot justify declaring a Project Awesome dividend for the month.

Secretary's Report

  • Calendar of non-HacDC events. <ITG Comments>If people like, I'll move it over to the HacDC site. Also other calendars can be added from sites like Meet-up (Maybe NOVA Labs?).</ITG Comments>
  • Increasing cross-talk between spaces in the region. Looking for help.
  • GE Garages? We were propositioned to "work with them"... deadline for response is Friday, don't know what this really is.
  • Don't leave empty food containers in the space.

Director-at-Large Reports



Project Awesome Reports

Project LASER



Nothing new to report. Kitbuild continues to plan for a way to combine resources with another initiative. Recent talk about running an ongoing basic microcontroller curriculum on Mondays may offer an opportunity to have a kit build before the advent of the HacDC Summer School 2014 session.


Authorized ~$100 reimbursement for shelf lighting. Funds are generally healthy and stable at ~$1.3k .


We could purchase a low cost vertical bandsaw for ~$150, instead of waiting for the $300 some have suggested may be needed. Expect this to be as functional as the last one. Any interest?


Member Reports

David Mc

Working on lighting for the new shelves in the basement. Have lights, tweaking mounting.. need help finding efficient power supplies: 10 x 12v @ 2 to 4A (prefer 3A but anywhere in that range).. can be any mix of units quantized at ~3A. meaning 1 x 30A supply or 10 x 3A supplies...etc.


Prusa Mendel 3D Printer

Seems to be holding together... finally. Resolution remains at 75 microns.

Photolithography PCB Fab

SUCCESS! We can now make high-resolution professional quality PCBs at HacDC.

Fully tested, working, and documented. See .


Still need just one more Giant Fresnel Lens.

Flex Replicator

Same as last time. Nearly complete.

Optical Table CNC

Still urgently stalled by the HacDC cleanup.



Video demo was given last week. Continuing to bring a real medical product with genuine humanitarian benefits to market.

Biosignal Amplifier

SUCCESS! Detailed usage information is available:

Fully working, ultra-high-performance, USB 'plug-and-play' tool built by HacDC members, for HacDC biohackers!

Please be careful. While reasonable safety features are incorporated, please read the safety section before using. Also, the whole system is custom made, expensive, and somewhat difficult to replace (especially the amplifier board).


Design is by mirage335. Credit to HacDC and its biohacking community for electronics testing and construction equipment. Additionally, special thanks to the following for enthusiasm and prototype funding: Shawn Nock Sharad Satsangi Stuart Washington The Real Plato Logan Scheel

Policy Changes

More changes have been made to the proposed ExcessDisposal policy. However, since there is still a lot of debate over this policy, I suggest it not be voted on yet.

Occupancy Sensor

Back online, thanks to ITechGeek rebuilding the server-side software to bring the data to the outside world.

WYSE Terminals

Would still like to see the remaining 30 units delivered at HacDC. They will be well used, by HacDC members and/or classes.

Additionally, a machine at HacDC has been identified with 16GB RAM compatibility.


Zip code 20132. Should be able to offer HacDC a new RF viewpoint soon.

Presently relying cellular connectivity for internet access. Limited GB/mo. Should be resolved soon.

Request for Expedient Disposal

As it stands now, HacDC policy requires THREE MONTHS to dispose of items on the going-out pile. Would appreciate temporary authorization for myself and Dan Barlow to remove going-out pile items on a three day rotation instead. We have a lot of junk to clear out, much of which has been unearthed as desired items were moved to the new shelves.

Old Business

New Business

Provide Martin a keyholding honorary (nonpaying) membership.

Election of a new at-large director: According to our Bylaws, "Vacancies on the board shall be filled at the next regular meeting using the applicable process outlined in Section 3."

Authorize mirage335 and Dan Barlow to remove going-out pile items on a three day rotation.

New Members


Adjourned at _______