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== Time and Location ==  
== Time and Location ==  
:July 8, 2014
:July 8, 2014
:Called to order at ______ by ______
:Called to order at _8PM_ by _Dan Barlow_
:Members present:  
:Members present: 12
:Others present:  
:Others present: 1

:: Quorum met?  
:: Quorum met? No.

== Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes ==
== Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes ==

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Time and Location

July 8, 2014
Called to order at _8PM_ by _Dan Barlow_
Members present: 12
Others present: 1
Quorum met? No.

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2014 05 13

Regular Member Meeting 2014 04 08


  • Martin, for roof expedition and photographic inspection of roof antenna condition.
  • Julia Longtin (aka. juri) and Shawn Wilson (aka. AG4VE) for continued work assembling and commissioning our new 3D printers.
  • Dan Barlow, Tommy Johnson, and anyone else involved in bringing us an engine hoist for deploying the optical table.
  • Zach, for fixing the large TV.
  • Lee & Martin for Field Day planning and antenna raising.

Director Reports

President's Report

Tommy Johnson would like his engine hoist returned as soon as possible.

Vice President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Here is the financial summary spreadsheet for June 2014: File:HacDC Financials 2014 06.pdf. We did not gain any new members. In May we lost three members: Ann Millspaugh, Griffin Boyce, and Sharad Satsangi. In June we lost Ken Kenworthy and Kasia Whiteis. We have 42 dues-paying members in good standing, 8 dues-waived members, and 4 members who are behind on dues.

Project Awesome

Here is the Project Awesome spreadsheet for June: File:HacDC PA Projects-2014 06.pdf. We continue to have to dip into savings to pay our rent, so no dividend this month. :(

Secretary's Report

HOPE X is coming up. I have a spare bed in my room if you need a place to crash.

We have mesh radios on the roof that might actually be able to connect to things!

Toast is going to come pick up the unused arcade machine.

Director-at-Large Reports

Project Awesome Reports

Project LASER


The ISC published an article recognizing the work we did last year for the grant.

We are working with HARC to mesh-connect the space.

We spent some money on HARC/Byzantium-related equipment for the mesh radios on the roof. Like outdoor-rated Cat 5E STP and connectors. We plan to expense these purchases with PA funds and the remaining grant money.



Lack of new funds comming in is starting to become mildly worrisome. This month's expenses include:

  • End mills.
  • Labeling tape.
  • Magenta ink.
  • PLA cartridges.


Considering a chop saw instead of a band saw. Still need to get research done and validated.


Member Reports


Have been extremely busy with tasks hoped to become profitable soon.

Photolithography fab has been scaled up even further to larger high-resolution board. Plans, talent, and supplies have been mobilized towards a simple, automatic PCB fab workstation, with throughput in the range of about a dozen of boards per hour, with full multilayer capability.

Old Business

New Business

New Members


Adjourned at _____ by _______