Regular Member Meeting 2014 08 12

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Time and Location

August 12, 2014
Called to order at __8:02___ by Dan Barlow
Members present: Dan, Evan, Phil, Ben, Travis, Zack, Jamie
Members remote: Mirage, Alberto, Chris, Shawn, Justin, Kevin, Juri
Others present: Enrique, Reed, Celeste, Phil, Bobby
Quorum? 14/13
Quorum met? Yes.

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2014 07 08

Regular Member Meeting 2014 06 10

Regular Member Meeting 2014 05 13

Regular Member Meeting 2014 04 08

Bulk approval: 7 present vote in favor. 4 remote vote in favor. 11 vote in favor, motion passes.


Director Reports

President's Report

Call to action: We need more emotional awareness in the space. Be aware of not just ourselves but others. How are others feeling, are they uncomfortable, are they being made uncomfortable? We need to make sure people have a good experience, because they have a long memory for bad experiences.

Vice President's Report

  • Reminders
    • LABELS!
      • bins - what is inside (generally, but create an index if you want)
      • shelves - what goes there and where on the shelf it goes
      • projects - who is in charge of it, when it is expected to be gone by, how to appropriately store it if it hasn't been removed by then
    • SHOP RULES! (i am a bad human)
    • Bike theft - bypassing locks outside of the space should be reported to church security/staff or the police. use your judgement when considering calling the police.
  • News
    • the basement has internets
    • the basement may have a server in it by the time the meeting starts

Treasurer's Report

Here is the financial summary spreadsheet for July 2014: File:HacDC Financials 2014 07.pdf. We gained Ed O'Brien as a new member and regained founder Andrew Righter (Q). We lost William Gibb, Rob Ryan-Silva, and David Pietrocola. We have 43 dues-paying members in good standing, 7 dues-waived members, and 4 members who are behind on dues.

Project Awesome

Here is the Project Awesome spreadsheet for July: File:HacDC PA Projects-2014 07.pdf. We continue to have to dip into savings to pay our rent, so no dividend this month. :(

Secretary's Report

Still haven't gotten the paperwork sorted for the SEM. I know I'm dropping the ball here, I'll get it worked out by tax time or you can fire me.

There are two major upcoming events.

Making Games with Stencyl is this Saturday. I've convinced my friend Alex to come in and teach a one-day class on indie game development.

The annual HacDC Cryptoparty is September 20th. There is a lot of prep and planning to do between now and then. We're hoping to make this year bigger and better than the previous two. We're still looking for speakers, so please sign up to give a talk. Even if you don't think you're an expert, you can probably teach somebody something useful.

If anyone could stay after the meeting to help me load junk into my car I will take another load to the dump.

Signs for the bathrooms. Do we need to have a vote on this? No vote needed.

Director-at-Large Reports

Project Awesome Reports

Project LASER

Laser is used up, need a new tube. The Laser tube is a consumable which we will need to replace every couple of years.

Charring is different from vaporizing. If a material chars instead of vaporizing, then it will stop vaporizing even on successive passes.

We're going to buy a new tube (with matching power supply). New tube will be twice as powerful.


Not much news in terms of recent development. We have radios installed on the roof. Frank Sanborn (FEMA) is adapting ByzPi for use monitoring mudslides. Had some useful discussions with ISC at HOPE, they liked our performance on the grant, they're going to get us feedback from users in crisis zones (like Ukraine and Syria). Lots of plans on paper, but the team is still distracted with other responsibilities.


No news. Had to take personal time off. Hope to pick up in the Fall.


Bought some screws for our optical table. More importantly, we are now down to a $849.12 balance. As before, this continued loss of funding is undesirable and somewhat unexpected given recent publicity campaigns.


Considering a chop saw, still not sure what to buy.


Member Reports


Beginning work on the optical table, example 3D printed mounting hardware in the basement. Have also repaired one and partially reassembled one of Dan Barlow's projectors, planning to deploy the components on the optical table.


Platform design complete, awaiting construction.


Old Business

New Business

Mirage proposes the following amendment to the Standing Rules:

Effective immediately, quorum is set to ten members. Henceforth, when quorum is not met two months in a row, the number of members required to meet quorum shall be reduced to the greatest number present in any of those months minus one.

Note that amendments to the standing rules require a 2/3 majority vote of a quorum of members.

7 present vote in favor. 4 remote vote in favor. 11 in favor, motion passes.

Authorize Dan Barlow to spend available Project Laser funds for repairs, replacement parts, and upgrades. 7 present vote in favor. 3 remote vote in favor. 10 in favor, motion passes.

New Members

Enrique Cobas: Voted in.

Reed: Web programmer. Robotics hobbyist. Interested, but not becoming a member yet.

Philip Walker: Built a stair climbing robot, has a patent on it. Tired of doing software, likes hardware. Wants to build stuff on top of the patent he has, make it open-source. Has a warehouse on W St. that he's willing to share with us. Has a lab in Adam's Morgan with lots of fabrication tools too. Want to meet the community and get involved. Voted in.

Celeste: Specializes in human-computer interactions. Involved in open-source. Interested in community. Voted in.


Adjourned at __9:15__ by ___Dan Barlow___