Regular Member Meeting 2014 09 09

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Time and Location

September 9, 2014
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Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2014 08 12


  • Dan Barlow - Identifying and obtaining better laser tube.
  • Julia "juri" Longtin - Bringing much needed funding to HacDC equipment.

Director Reports

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Treasurer's Report

Here is the financial summary spreadsheet for August 2014: File:HacDC Financials 2014 08.pdf. We gained Celeste, Enrique, and Phillip as new members. We lost Ruben Duque, Elizabeth Smith, Dan Koestler, and Bjorn Westergard. We have X dues-paying members in good standing, Y dues-waived members, and Z members who are behind on dues.

Project Awesome

Here is the Project Awesome spreadsheet for August: File:HacDC PA Projects-2014 08.pdf.

Secretary's Report

Director-at-Large Reports

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Project LASER


We basically blew off yet another sprint last month because I was busy with the Crab-B-Q. (By the way, you can totally cook crabs in a smoker.)

We are slacking and we really need to pull it together soon. I'm just having trouble making time for things.



Have a ~$50 receipt for various screws purchased from Fastenal, mostly for the optical table.


For lack of incoming funding, the project coordinator (mirage335) feels that any purchase made from these funds must be well planned.


Member Reports



Finally designed the OpticalTableRobot. Similar to the FlexReplicator, supports multiple tools simultaneously. However, this platform is far more rigid (absolute accuracy expected to be <2um across the ~8'x4' work area). Surprisingly, it is also cheaper than a FlexReplicator, thanks to the free table and extrusions.

Julia Longtin has successfully sought investors, and plans to use the robot to manufacture large car parts.

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