Regular Member Meeting 2015 06 09

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Time and Location

June 9, 2015
Called to order at 7:45pm by Matt.
Members present: Don, Dan, Enrique, Rob, Matt, Evan, Mike, Phil
Members remote: Hunter, Julia, nell
Others present: Luke, Bobby, Sumpter
Quorum met? 11. Yes

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2015 05 12


Director Reports

President's Report

Was rent paid this month? What is the status of Paypal access?

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer's report was relayed by Matt as Julia is ill at home. We have access to our Dwolla account and rent is getting paid. Getting access to our PayPal account given our lack of account credentials requires control of the checking account first. Don inquired about getting that account transferred and we should have everything we need to take control of the account once Julia feels well enough to stop by the bank, which will hopefully be soon.

Secretary's Report

As soon as we're done sorting out the financial account access, we need to look into our insurance policies, see if they're current and meet the requirements in our lease, and get new policies if needed. The domain registration for is expiring next week. We need to renew it, since we spent time and energy getting it back last year. Our basement storage policy takes effect today. Nobody but Julia and myself have requested space and the board hasn't fully voted on those requests. We should reactivate the SpaceBlimp project.

Director-at-Large Reports



Project Awesome Reports

Project LASER




Project Supplies status is pending resolution of our financials.


Project Expansion is pending resolution of our financials.


Getting ready for FCC exams over the weekend and Amateur Radio Field Day coming up.

Member Reports

Evan wants [and generally gets] assurance that a bin labeled "Microcontroller Mondays," would not be scavenged for parts or moved to the basement if he kept it in either the workshop or classroom.

Old Business

New Business

Basement storage space requests (approved by BOD votes as per new storage policy)

  • 1. Enrique (2x2x2 ft, back room): 4 votes in favor, 2 abstentions, approved.
  • 2. Julia (12x1x1 ft, front room): 5 votes in favor, 1 abstentions, approved.
  • 3. Dan B.(12x1x11 ft, front room, top shelf): 4 votes in favor, 2 not present (Celeste, Julia), approved.

General agreement that unallocated space in the basement remains unallocated as before until it's requested by a member, at which time it will be cleared and items moved to other unallocated space or to the Outgoing Pile when it's open.

New Members

Sumter and Luke were nominated and approved as members.


Adjourned by Matt at 9:00pm.