Regular Member Meeting 2015 07 14

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Time and Location

July 14, 2015
Called to order at 7:45pm by Enrique
Members present: Don J., Ben M., Enrique C., Evan P., Ethan W.
Members remote: Matt H, Julia L, Gary S.
Others present: Guests Bobby B., Andrew M. and Murali R.
Quorum met? No (8).

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes

Regular Member Meeting 2015 06 09


  • Everyone who helped at the National Maker Faire: Bobby, Julia, Matt, Matt Sr., Enrique, Christine, Phil
  • Don & HARC for Amateur Radio Field Day.
  • Matt for repairing the church's fire alarm system.
  • Mike for restoring and backing up the Wiki.
  • Matt & Phil for work on the Edmunds Optics grant application.
  • Matt & Phil for work on the Capital One grant application.
  • ITechGeek for continued consultation regarding network configuration.

Director Reports

President's Report

Vice President's Report


Apparently, quoting bylaws in overly formal requests for IT admin credentials after a busy day is not the best way to make friends. Well, my mistake. Anyway, my use of "please" and "thank you" might have been rather sparse these last few months while getting things done, so please don't take offense.

Old Occupancy Sensor, Hacking

Old occupancy sensor is a nifty hack, an OpenWRT WiFi router sporting an internal microcontroller wired to the serial port. Since there haven't been any major issues with it in over a year, I am thinking of leaving it in place for the light sensors.

For the new, NetPLC system RFID support, we still need an appropriately sized electronic latch.


New Shell/VPS server, Starlight, is now online, 8 cores, 16GB RAM. It tends to run a bit hot though, with the RAM DIMMs reaching ~105C.


CapitalOne, AngelHack

At the Maker Faire, we reached out to Capital One. We are still following up with them. Coincidentally, AngelHack, partnering with CapitalOne, would like to make us a community partner for their event (some free PR), in exchange for sharing some PR on their behalf as follows.

Interested in making a difference in your community using the power of technology? Here is your chance to do just that, join the Small Biz Dev Hackathon presented by Capital One in Washington DC on 8th & 9th August for an unique opportunity to help small business owners with their everyday struggles. The winning hack will go through the AngelHack HACKcelerator program and have an opportunity to see their idea come to life and help thousands of small business owners. Get FREE tickets with the code “AngelHACK” @!

Business minded hackers (*ahem* Nell) should especially check this out.

Edmund Optics

Bit of a long shot, but if we win, we get up to $10k in much-needed high-end optical products. Finalists will be announced September 2nd. Greatly appreciate Phil Stewart's advice narrowing the scope of our application to a specific project (microscopic projection/scanning/alignment tool for 3D printers).

Treasurer's Report

"[Still don't have access to the PayPal account. Paperwork was filed with PayPal recently and we should expect and acknowledgement and resolution later this week or early next week at the latest. Julia is planning to be at 3D Thursday.]"

Secretary's Report

I don't have a roster of members in good standing until we get a report of PayPal dues.

A date for a TOOOL Intro Lockpicking class is still to be decided, but upcoming.

Director-at-Large Reports



Project Awesome Reports

Project LASER


Development has been halted indefinitely. Basically, none of us have the time or motivation to continue to the project. I don't see that changing in the foreseeable future. This PA project should be canceled and any earmarked funds reclaimed to the general fund. Sitwon (talk) 13:56, 14 July 2015 (PDT)





Member Reports

Old Business

New Business

  • We need to file a bianual report with the District of Columbia Dept. of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, and we need to change our registered agent. This was previously Martin, who doesn't live in DC anymore. A DC resident must be the registered agent for HacDC.
  • Let's discuss establishing a 'qualified users,' list for things like the CNC Mill, Lathe, Laser Cutter, SEM, some chemicals, etc. I think that means appointing some people as qualifiers and doing some kind of training or qualification assessment.-Enrique
  • Let's charge fees on MeetUp RSVPs and refund the fees to those who come to the event. I think this will give us a more accurate RSVP count from the start. The events will still be free in the end but we'll be charging a no-show penalty. Discuss... -Enrique
  • CryptoParty 2015?

New Members


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