Regular Member Meeting 2015 10 13

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October 13th, 2015.
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Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes


  • Mirage planned out the new space layout in good detail.
  • Mirage, Dan, Don and Enrique helped clean up the front basement room in preparation to move workshop equipment down there.
  • Mirage built the shelves at the new space with help form Nick, Bobby and Enrique.
  • Dan and Enrique went out to Community Forklift to look for building materials for the new space and basement.
  • Enrique facilitated a lockpicking class attended by 17 students and 3 instructors from TOOOL.
  • Julia has been keeping the space open, greeting guests and answering the phone during business hours.
  • Julia has been relentlessly representing HacDC at the Columbia Heights Farmers Market weekly.

Director Reports

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Vice President's Report

Top priority is to get all our equipment back online.

Moving went surprisingly well. We still have valuable resources AND walking space. Much thanks to Don for spearheading the physical moving process. Also many thanks to those who provided feedback on the space layout.

However, our unfunded mandate to move did incur significant hidden costs. Setting aside >$1.5k for future moving services, construction, temporary/cheap storage, etc, would be wise.

Treasurer's Report

Secretary's Report

  • Lots of reorganization, lots of Outgoing stuff to move out, some still at my place unfortunately.
  • SEM work has moved onto vacuum gauge circuitry troubleshooting.
  • An Open Mapping class by Ed O. has been postponed.
  • The HacDC table at the Columbia Heights Farmers Market can't be just Juri. Please come help.
  • Don and Andrew were at the Silver Spring Maker Faire representing HacDC and HARC.
  • Many things were put on the back burner due to the recent move: laser cutter repair, SEM refurbishment, the large-format 3D printer, resuming Microcontroller Mondays, having a Raspberry Pi meetup, making T-shirts, doing a crowdfunding campaign video, making a billboard for sponsors or putting sponsors on the homepage, scheduling a second concurrent CTF meetup, etc.

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