Regular Member Meeting 2015 10 13

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October 13th, 2015.
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Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes


  • Mirage has planned out the new space layout in good detail.
  • Mirage, Dan and Don helped clean up the front basement room in preparation to move workshop equipment down there.
  • Dan and Enrique went out to Community Forklift to look for building materials for the new space and basement.
  • Enrique facilitated a lockpicking class attended by 17 students and 3 instructors from TOOOL.
  • Julia has been keeping the space open, greeting guests and answering the phone during business hours.

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  • Lots of reorganization, lots of Outgoing stuff to move out, some still at my place unfortunately.
  • SEM work has moved onto vacuum gauge circuitry troubleshooting.
  • An Open Mapping class by Ed O. has been postponed.
  • The HacDC table at the Columbia Heights Farmers Market can't be just Juri. Please come help.
  • Don and Andrew were at the Silver Spring Maker Faire representing HacDC and HARC.
  • Many things were put on the back burner due to the recent move: laser cutter repair, SEM refurbishment, the large-format 3D printer, resuming Microcontroller Mondays, having a Raspberry Pi meetup, making T-shirts, doing a crowdfunding campaign video, making a billboard for sponsors or putting sponsors on the homepage, scheduling a second concurrent CTF meetup, etc.

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