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  • I created a basement work group,, to split off basement improvement discussions from the main members list. Currently it's Bobby, Dan, Julia, Matt, Christine and myself. Everyone is free to join if you're interested; otherwise we'll just update progress at meetings. The current update is that Brian thinks the leak should be fixed in a couple of days. I also swept and vacuumed some of the front room but it'll probably need a more thorough cleaning before we do anything to the floor. It seems like garage floor paint is inexpensive, fast and easy to apply (I've used it before, looks great). It should be well short of our $500 approved budget.

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Old Business

  • Should we get a PO Box? The downsides are it's a new, additional recurring expense to the tune of $110/year or $10/mo (Mirage has volunteered to cover some of this), and someone would have to go fetch the mail at the post office. The upside would be direct, secure access to our mail with no middle man, even after hours, and a mailing address separate from St. Stephen's.

New Business

  • Should we have two meetings a month, rather than one very long one? In the past HacDC had two meetings a month with one meeting for official business (debate and vote on proposals) and the other for more informal updates (member, project and board officer reports). With few exceptions the current board hasn't met in person outside of monthly members meetings and doing so much business over email has big drawbacks. - Enrique
  • Our next meeting, in January, is the Annual Meeting where a new Board of Directors will be elected. At least one board member will not be running for re-election, so give some thought to running for a board position. (Yes we should stagger the terms but how? January & July elections? Discuss) - Enrique

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