Regular Member Meeting 2016 04 12

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Date April 12th, 2016
Called to order at xxxx pm by xxxx
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Treasurer's Report

  • Income exceeded expenses by about $400, but discretionary project spending put us $350 in the red for March overall.
  • Expansion funded a cellular modem to enable remote reset of our IT infrastructure.
  • OTR purchased some parts like microcontrollers and extruders.
  • OTR also purchased a cheap laser cutter (everything except the laser tube is now Julia's, she paid HacDC the $100 difference).
  • Rent increased from 977 to 993 per month starting February.
  • Most of our cash is now earmarked for projects ($6400), so we'll build up reserves($4400) again before doing another PA dividend.
  • We received a letter from CFC identifying $150 of donations so far (not including the DC region), but expect the cash in April. We weren't able to take advantage of some CFC promotional opportunities last year and I hope this year will be better.
  • I set up a Square Reader account so we can now take credit card payments. (thanks for the reader, Bobby!)
  • The board approved a Memorandum of Understanding with HSTS to have IT training classes at HacDC during regular business hours for the next four months. We can go over the details.
  • On a broader note, although we're OK financially now thanks to the cheaper rent, HacDC's membership is still about half what it was several years ago. We are over-reliant on Julia. Please help out with classes and workshops, teach what you know, or just put together meetings on topics that interest you. The schedule is pretty open. More events, more donations and more members would generally be good.

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Matt - aka. mirage335

For the year, we have had no major incidents on account of HacDC or its members. Things are generally running smoothly. Work is getting done. Equipment is going back online. This year is actually off to a great start. Amazing!

Regarding USASEF, looks like we will have one to three people from Makersmiths participating with us. Between both spaces, there could be as many as six participants, maybe more. Propoganda needs to be prearranged.

TazMega and/or TazStiff are likely to make an appearance at USASEF. These extremely capable machines are forerunners to HacDC's next-generation CNC machines.

Expecting to have the funds to personally buy and donate one array of four 6TB WD Green WD60EZRX disks. WD Green disks have unusually high wear/lifecycle ratings when 'intellipark' frequency is reduced. Each such array can provide >10TB RAID6 storage and >1TB SSD-like RAID0 storage, upgradeable to include >20TB RAID6. Planning to use this to provide exceptionally robust on-site Shell/VPS/NAS services, available at least to members and for purposes relevant to the space (eg. backup). A thorough explanation as to why this deployment is needed and appropriate would be rather long to include here. Please consult with senior members of the admin team for technical details, justifications, and commentary.

Project Awesome Reports


Bought a cellular modem shield for a RasPi, this should provide backup telecommand/reboot of core IT infrastructure.

Would appreciate more information on project balances.



Also, Ethan is evaluating Julia Longtin's proposed computer platform for HacDC use.


Project Electron Microscope (SEM)

Project Optical Table Robot (OTR)

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