Regular Member Meeting 2016 05 10

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I'll be headed back into town Tuesday evening and may not make it to this meeting.

I've realized a mistake in how we handle some membership dues on PayPal. The old $50/mo dues are deposited automatically each month into our account once the subscription is set up, just as dues paid through Dwolla. The new PayPal dues since February 2015 must be billed manually. This caused headaches last year already with Phil and Matt and other members. Last month I billed several of these for the first time. It seems they have to be billed manually every month, and I didn't know that. Several members were not billed in April, so our revenue is lower. There are even subscriptions set up that haven't been billed for months, or ever, and I'm reaching out to those members about this issue.

Regular income in April was $1,110 and regular expenses were $1066. One-time income was $311 and one-time expenses were $324. Ham Radio purchased a Yaesu Wires-X kit and a donation to NERA. The clamps were paid in May. Supplies purchased some USB Flash Drives and LEDs for the TV.

Project Balances Supplies $522, Expansion $489, Ham Radio $852, SEM $436, OTR $3,104

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