Regular Member Meeting 2016 06 14

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New Business

  • Proposal for curtains on the classroom shelves. I propose we allocate up to $150 from reserve funds to purchase curtains and curtain rods to cover the classroom shelves during classes where the stuff on the selves is more of a distracting clutter than relevant. -Enrique
  • Proposal for classroom laptop maintenance/update. I propose we allocate up to $200 from reserve funds for the purpose of refurbishing 3-6 classroom laptops with new hard drives (missing) or SSDs, WiFi dongles as needed, etc, so we can reliably lend them out to students during classes. -Enrique
  • Proposal for Project CRISPR. I propose Project CRISPR, with myself as POC for now, so we can learn how to do some gene editing and host some classes (maybe after we figure out what the heck we're doing). I'm soliciting donations for the purchase of a $150 DIY CRISPR educational kit. -Enrique & Nancy

Director Reports

President's Report

Vice President's Report

Treasurer's Report

In May we added pest control as a regular $150/month expense, so our monthly expenses are now $1,250. Our income was $1,691, so it's a decent month for a Project Awesome dividend. A little of that extra money is due to some members being charged in early and late May to make up for not being billed in April. The income for June should be somewhat less than May. Please update your PA preferences among Expansion, Supplies, Ham Radio, SEM and OTR. Note that OTR is very well-funded. Project expenditures were $471, including a new microwave oven, bug spray, an antenna, mounting brackets and some Raspberry Pi parts and accessories so Ethan can do remote IT admin. Ethan is also looking into how to automate some of the Treasurer's duties like monthly billing and sending out payment-overdue notices. I haven't heard from the CFC in regards to our appeal and tax forms for 2016 so I've just asked and hope to hear back shortly.

Secretary's Report

Director-at-Large Reports



Two new servers have been commissioned and seem to be stable, Nebula and Starlight. Both are high-reliability, Starlight is also high-capacity and extremely high-performance. Please request accounts.

Collaborative work on OpticalTableRobot related CNC machinery is going well. More about that later.

Project Awesome Reports


IT resources for Ethan's RasPi and classroom machine projects.


Pin strip headers for Ethan Waldo's RasPi project.


Project Electron Microscope (SEM)

Project Optical Table Robot (OTR)

Member Reports


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