Regular Member Meeting 2016 09 13

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Called to order at xxxx pm by xxxx
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Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes


  • Tom brought in and refurbished a significant number of laptops which can be used by guests and students at Intro Linux and similar events. Thanks!

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New Business

  • HARC would like a separate bank account; it would be a HacDC account that the HARC treasurer would be an authorized user of. It would automatically consolidate HARC-earmarked donations and give HARC ability to purchase stuff directly, easing some of the workload from the HacDC treasurer. DiscussS
  • We need volunteers to staff informational tables at upcoming CFC events. Last year we got $250 without doing any outreach but we could probably do much better if we attended some of these events at federal agencies. Last year we were invited to NRL but could not attend. There are likely similar informational events at NASA, NIST, NIH, FDA, FCC, etc, etc, where we could inform people that HacDC is a charity they can donate to.
  • There is one bylaws amendment pending, awaiting sufficient signatures. There is a second bylaws amendment that will be presented next month to lower the threshold required for bylaws amendments from 3/4ths of all voting members to 3/4ths of votes cast.

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  • We are on the CFCNA list for 2016; CFC kick-off events will take place at federal agencies soon and it would be great if HacDC could have a table with a couple of people. Especially scientific and educational facilities nearby like Army and Navy research labs, NASA Goddard, NIST, NIH, etc. Volunteers would be good; it's usually weekdays during work hours.
  • Also we got another $32 from last year's CFC recently. Woohoo! (we did nothing to advertise ourselves)

Project balances at the end of JULY Supplies $379.71, Expansion $264.91, Ham Radio $156.54, SEM $534.40, OTR $2,868.32, CRISPR $0, SpaceBlimp $0.

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