Regular Member Meeting 2016 10 11

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Time and Location

October 11, 2016
Called to order at 8:17 pm by Julia Longtin
Members present: mike chelen, julia longtin, xavier belanger, ken worthy, bobby baum, enrique cobas, tom iddings, ethan waldo
Members remote:
Others present: zac huberty, ankeet presswalla
Quorum met? yes.

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes (Vote: renewal of HSTS MOU)


(No Votes)

Not Approved


New Members

Zach and Ankeet were both elected to membership

Old Business

New Business

  • Julia would like reimbursement of $19.01 from reserves for two 32GB USB Flash drives; receipt already provided.
  • Previous bylaws amendment is pending since about April; it allows the Board to suspend a member's access to the space until the next meeting. Please review if you haven't seen the proposal.
  • Proposal: Create a second HacDC bank account for use by the HacDC Amateur Radio Club treasurer if he or she is a HacDC member. HacDC would retain ownership and visibility of the account, but the HARC treasurer could check the balance and be an authorized user on the check card for donation deposits and purchases.
  • Bylaws amendment proposal: Change the threshold for future bylaws amendments from "more than three quarters (3/4ths) of voting members," to "more than three quarters (3/4ths) of member votes cast 90 days from the proposal approval date," and from "Notice of such petition must be submitted electronically to all members," to "Notice of such a petition must be submitted to all members electronically and, where electronic means produce no response, all other available means." (Note that this was proposed by Ben in 2009.... )
  • HARC has been unable to demonstrate competence in developing a plan for how they will manage their own domain asset This has continued for 2 years since it was initially registered by our current Vice President on HARC's behalf. Since HARC is part of HacDC, it makes more sense for HacDC to handle their domain asset at this time. We need to transfer their domain to a HacDC administered account managed by the admin team and set it up for auto-pay on the HacDC credit card.

Project Awesome Reports


Nothing to report, though, as always, some expenditures by members may be eligible for reimbursement.


Nothing to report.


Project Electron Microscope (SEM)

The vacuum gauge has been ordered and might be here by the next members meeting.

Project Optical Table Robot (OTR)

Project CRISPR

Project SpaceBlimp

We are launching this weekend and invite any and all to come out to Strasberg for the event at 10am on Saturday. We will take a haitus for a couple of months before we resume talking about the next Spaceblimp launch for the early spring;.

Member Reports

Director Reports

President's Report

Vice President's Report

Nothing to report, no current commitments attended to. That may change soon, we'll see.

Treasurer's Report

Please update your PA preferences; we have a roughly $600 surplus this month to split up thanks to Accelebrate. Otherwise we're up $200/mo over rent, which is not terrible. General Reserves have slowly increased to $7k and another about $5k is earmarked to projects.

Secretary's Report

Director-at-Large Reports

  • Starlight and Nebula are fully operational. Please request accounts.
  • A lot of technology is getting developed, especially towards the Optical Table Robot.




Adjourned by Julia at 2143

[20:17] <secretary_> order at 817pm

[20:17] == summakor [] has joined #HacDC

[20:18] <summakor> hello

[20:18] <ITechGeek> Yeah, but since I'm not needed, I'm going to go eat

[20:18] == zhuberty [6058c64d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #HacDC

[20:18] <summakor> u r not needed?

[20:18] <secretary_> members present mchelen2, juri, secretary, treasurer, ITG, xavier, ken

[20:18] <secretary_> bobby baum

[20:20] == fiyarburst [~fiyarburs@] has joined #HacDC

[20:21] <fiyarburst> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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[20:28] == fiyarburst has changed nick to pastels

[20:35] <secretary_> ankeet is approved as a member by vote of 6-0

[20:40] <pastels> ^ yay! it me

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[20:42] <secretary_> zach membership approved 6-0

[20:43] <secretary_> old business  ??

[20:43] <secretary_> we did approve August's minutes already

[20:43] <secretary_> new business .... ?

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[21:03] <secretary_> no votes on new business

[21:04] <secretary_> project reports

[21:05] <secretary_> SEM ordered a vacuum gauge

[21:05] <mirage335> summakor: I'm here.

[21:05] <secretary_> hi

[21:05] <mirage335> Wow. It's 21:05, and the meeting is just getting to project reports?

[21:05] <secretary_> started at 817pm

[21:06] <mirage335> Indeed. That's a bit late. For the sake of newcomers, I suggest we might want to keep the meeting from stretching too far past 21:30.

[21:10] <mchelen2> yeah we started late waiting for quorum

[21:10] <secretary_> we did push the new members section to the beginning of the meeting

[21:11] <secretary_> Project OTR has comissioned a new server with 32GB ram and a 6 core processor, soon to be upgraded to 64 and 12, named jobs, for long processor time type jobs

[21:12] <secretary_> enrique gave the spaceblimp report

[21:13] <secretary_> member reports ...?

[21:13] <secretary_> Xavier went on vacation

[21:13] <secretary_> Bobby got some wood for shelves above electronics work area

[21:14] <secretary_> Ken is working with a school in SE

[21:22] <secretary_> nom nom nom

[21:23] <mirage335> Yes, NOM NOM NOM! ;)

[21:26] == rschulman_ [6c1f326f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #HacDC

[21:26] <secretary_> VP's report is on the wiki

[21:26] <secretary_> Treasurer is saying something

[21:31] <mchelen2> good implicitcad:

[21:37] == gry [~svetlana@fsf/member/svetlana] has joined #HacDC

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[21:37] <secretary_> sec says: commissioned a T410 and we're working on the vent adapter and blah blah

[21:38] <secretary_> D-A-L reports

[21:40] <summakor> about to adjourn

[21:43] == summakor [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]

[21:44] <rschulman_> is haxwaxe still around these days?

[21:44] <mchelen2> haven't seen him in awhile

[21:45] <rschulman_> ah, too bad.

[21:45] <rschulman_> he and I were working on mesh networking a couple years ago, but I moved away

[21:45] <rschulman_> Moved back recently.

[21:47] <secretary_> I think we've adjourned