Regular Member Meeting 2017 01 10

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Called to order at xxxx pm by xxxx
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New Business

February 11: Request for Participation at MLK (DCPL) tech event

  • RSVP ASAP February 11: D.C. Public Library asking for HacDC participation in a "Teen Techathon" for Black History Month. But they wanted a Google form filled out by January 1 !!! When I contacted them and said "Jan 1? Are you nuts???" we received a "stay of execution" because we would be a "booth" at the event. Still, expediency would be appreciated. Since they already have a Fab Lab with 3D printers, laser cutters, wire bender, etc. perhaps Space Blimps, ham radios, or interesting microprocessor stuff would fit better.

Project Awesome Reports


Reminded our treasurer of some un-reimbursed expenses.


No activity to report.


Project Electron Microscope (SEM)

Project Optical Table Robot (OTR)

Project CRISPR

Project SpaceBlimp

Member Reports

  • We now have a NinjaFlex extruder head for the Lulzbot Mini. When and how to test it out, TBD. (ubuntourist)

Director Reports

President's Report

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Treasurer's Report

Secretary's Report

Director-at-Large Reports



We lost the test cart facility due to an honest communication fumble between three reasonable people who most likely would not have undertaken the disassembly on their own. For the future, we can do better.

Aside from that, HacDC has had a good year, getting back on its feet. Next year, we may be able to focus on growth.


Adjourned by at xxx by xxx