Regular Member Meeting 2017 03 14

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Time and Location

Called to order at 7:47 pm by Tom
Members present: Tom Ken Kevin James
Members remote: juri_ mirage335
Others present: nobody
Quorum met? no

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes


  • Correction to last month: Kevin bought the Flexystruder head and NinjaFlex rubber filament, and taught the Lulzbot Mini how to print rubber after installing the new head.
  • James has been putting the lasercutter into service with some help from Tom. We are working getting the actual laser to fire on appropriate gcode command.
  • SEM vacuum gauge has arrived.
  • Ken reports his robotic finger now operates on voice command.
  • Pres. and VP picked up a haul from a local non-profit's former server room on moving out.
  • now works!
  • is celebrating upcoming nuptials in St Stephens' Church! Saturday 2pm. Congratulations Julia and Jesse!
  • Julia found a microcontroller with an RS485 port to talk to the vacuum gauge on the SEM.
  • We participated in 3d/dc again this year. Julia spoke on a panel, "Women in 3d Printing".
   [20:07] <juri_> it was recorded, and will be on the public knowledge wiki page within ~2 months.
  • James has arrived 20:08 with a homemade pie!

New Members

   No new members this month.

Old Business

  • Bylaws amendment proposal (unless it was already voted on?): Change the threshold for future bylaws amendments from "more than three quarters (3/4ths) of voting members," to "more than three quarters (3/4ths) of member votes cast 90 days from the proposal approval date," and from "Notice of such petition must be submitted electronically to all members," to "Notice of such a petition must be submitted to all members electronically and, where electronic means produce no response, all other available means." (Explanation: We are dangerously close to having 1/4th of members not respond aye/nay and making amendments impossible) - Enrique
  • We still need to address lingering security concerns after last month's burglary.
  • Rockville Science fair is April 23rd and HacDC could have an exhibit. Space is free if we want a table.

Ken has something RE: Fiscal Sponsorship.

   Would like us to have membership vote on delegating BOD to evaluate and approve on a case-by-case basis any opportunities for funding in this way. Tabled for next month.

New Business

   [20:08] <fugitive_at_larg> Coming up: Scientist's March on Washington, vs. Conservation X? Or some such? (Smithsonian Institute, right?)
   [20:08] <juri_> yepyep.
   [20:08] <juri_> we need to get a media package out to Conservation X.
   [20:09] <juri_> they want logos and such to place on promotional materials.
   [20:30] <juri_> i just recieved another "give us logos for materials!" from conservationX.
   [20:47] <fugitive_at_larg> Ken switching to digital badges
   [20:48] <fugitive_at_larg>
   [20:48] <fugitive_at_larg> Contest in DC, due next week, so we won't be elegable. But it is a city-wide database for educational activities.
   [20:49] <fugitive_at_larg> We could award badges to attendees of educational events -- i.e. a 3D printing digital badge to attendees of an intro event.
   [20:50] <fugitive_at_larg> Ken will write a more detailed messsage to the membership list.
   [20:36] <fugitive_at_larg>
   [20:36] <fugitive_at_larg> Conservation X  Innovation Commons link above.
   [20:37] <fugitive_at_larg>
   [20:37] <fugitive_at_larg> Rockville Science Day
   [20:38] <fugitive_at_larg>
   [20:38] <fugitive_at_larg> Scientists March on Washington

Project Awesome Reports


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


Julia left an SDR on the desk.

Project Electron Microscope (SEM)

Vacuum sensor is online now, pinout problem resolved.

Project Optical Table Robot (OTR)

New belts are ready for the big OTR.

New vacuum nozzle designed, printed attached.

Square vent adapter is in a final draft, ready-to-distribute and use in production form.

Project CRISPR

No report.

Project SpaceBlimp

No report.

Member Reports

Director Reports

President's Report

Vice President's Report

I am working on creating various VM appliances for in-house use:

  • Improved web conferencing
  • Sandstorm for various webapps
  • potentially self-hosting things like the Wiki, a Gitlab or something, Etherpad, etc.
   What are people interested in using collectively here?

We've gotten some neat toys from cleaning out a server room, two of them are kind of bulky

  • A full-height patch panel
  • A single-poster server rack

Treasurer's Report

Secretary's Report

Director-at-Large Reports




Adjourned by at 2108 by Kevin