Regular Member Meeting 2017 04 11

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Old Business

  • Ken's proposal that members authorize the Board to act on financial opportunities in grant sponsorship: HacDC would provide oversight of for-profit organizations effecting work using non-profit grants; HacDC would apply/get the grant and sub-contract work to the business who can do the work. Classes, for example.

New Business

  • We have a lot of non-free (paid) events on our MeetUp schedule now - 2 or 3 a week. They are software education events, which are in-line with our educational mission and which we've had people express interest in before to no avail. They are nominally run by High School Tech Services, a non-profit organization, not a business. But are they open to people who can't afford to pay? Are they open to HacDC members who pay rent and insurance for the classroom, the MeetUp fees, etc? Does HSTS have a current 501c3 non-profit status and insurance? Is HSTS deriving any net revenue from these events, and will it be shared with HacDC to offset costs, lower membership fees, etc? Our previous (expired) MOU with HSTS covered 9am-5pm on weekdays, which generally doesn't overlap with other members' events, but the new events are on weeknights and our weeknight schedule is now regularly full Monday thru Thursday with two free and two non-free events. Do current rules prevent members from charging for events, or from asking people who haven't paid to leave an event at HacDC? Should HacDC create some rules for paid events, or limit the number of events so some weeknights are open?

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Project Electron Microscope (SEM)

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  • Filed taxes with IRS (990N postcard).
  • Registered as business with DC to file tax returns there.
  • Totally missed the CFC deadline (it was in mid-February, it turns out)

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