Regular Member Meeting 2017 05 09

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New Business

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Project Electron Microscope (SEM)

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President's Report

Vice President's Report

We've got a 2d print server and some printers up and running. The hostname of the printserver is classroom-printserver.

I've got plans to update and improve the classroom laptops in the works.

I've been plugging along with James on the [Cheap_Chinese_Laser].

I'd like to do a basement day sometime soon. TODO:

*re-rack all the servers after re-jiggering the existing four-post cabinet to hold actual full-size servers so we don't have to rest them on rack trays.
*take pictures of our two-post rack and patch panel and put them for sale up on craigslist for a cool $2k or something like that.
*anything else we feel like doing in an organized fashion.

Treasurer's Report

  • Filed FR-500 and FR-164 to get tax-exempt status in the District of Columbia. Spoke with DC Office of Taxation who said the exemption, once granted, would match the IRS exemption, which is retroactive to the date of incorporation in 2008. I filled out a tax return but was told there was no need to file it as the organization would certainly be found exempt anyway (and we would've had to pay $800 in taxes now).
  • Dwolla has begun charging us transaction fees (free ride is over, time to monetize!). It's 0.5% so 30 cents per $60. Still better than PayPal.
  • Nobody is helping update the website with content. Everything on there since November is from me.
  • We effectively have no Secretary ; Ben has been away for several months now.

Secretary's Report

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