Regular Member Meeting 2017 06 13

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Member Reports

Enrique - I put together and purchased a bunch of shirts with the HacDC logo; they were $10 each for the unisex one, $15 each for the women's (they're softer) and the black ones. The black ones just have the logo with no text at all; I emailed the designs out. If someone wants one, let me know and pay me for it. I've sold a few so far. In addition, I propose that HacDC purchase these shirts from me and do whatever HacDC wants to do with them (sell them, give them to long-time members, give them to all members, etc), whatever. It's been pointed out that members get just about zero perks or swag for supporting HacDC month after month. Other organizations give their contributors something like cheap t-shirts to aid advertising, recruitment, etc.

Enrique - the Oculus PC is back and not working; the video card stopped putting out any output and I haven't had time to troubleshoot it. If we manage to get it up again I'll bring the Oculus back, otherwise whatever.

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