Regular Member Meeting 2017 06 13

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Time and Location

Called to order at xxxx pm by xxxx
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Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes


  • Tom and James for work on the laser cutter; Tom added a web server for it. James helped me 'cut' a sapphire wafer. Half cut, half cracked at least.
  • Julia has had full-house open-house events twice a week for several weeks.

New Members

Old Business

  • We have 12 signatures on the bylaws amendment pettition, out of about 28 members. We've still to email the petition to members or mail hardcopies, but this illustrates the reason we need this amendment in the first place... Please Sign/Consider if you are present. Now.

New Business

  • Shirts. Enrique drew up, ordered and paid for t-shirts with the HacDC logo but I'd like to just sell them to HacDC rather than sell them myself piecemeal. So far I've sold or given away 6 or 7 shirts, so I'd like HacDC to purchase the rest from me. I can provide the invoice.
  • Liability waivers for kids. We have several minors that frequent the space weekly now. What waivers do we have, what waviers should we have?

Project Awesome Reports


No expenses yet.

Needle tip for WSM1 soldering iron should be replaced. More lights and wall anchors are needed for the basement. Around the Taig CNC mill, a plexiglass sheet should be available to limit mess. A small folding table would also be nice to have around the Taig CNC mill.


No expenses yet.

A proper, Li-Ion powered impact driver/wrench and hammer drill has been a ridiculously long neglected need at HacDC. Recommend a Bosch combo kit with support for use as an impact wrench providing around 150ft.lbs. torque. Recommend CLPK250-181L for its uniquely compact assortment of essential features and power.


Project Electron Microscope (SEM)

  • No time. I'm just the figurehead project point-of-contact but have no time to work on this myself. The SEM is ready to test but I'd like to make sure nothing has fallen into the high-voltage electronics before powering it up. Otherwise it's simple: Plug in, turn on, watch the vaccum gauge... does it go below 10^-2 Torr? If yes, there might be a gauge/interlock problem. If no, there's a vacuum leak to find and fix.

Project Optical Table Robot (OTR)

Project CRISPR

  • We purchased and received a refill kit with fresh (live) E.Coli HME63 bacteria, DNA, RNA, supplies, etc.

Project SpaceBlimp

  • There discussions of a meeting but it did not happen I think.

Member Reports

Enrique - I put together and purchased a bunch of shirts with the HacDC logo; they were $10 each for the unisex one, $15 each for the women's (they're softer) and the black ones. The black ones just have the logo with no text at all; I emailed the designs out. If someone wants one, let me know and pay me for it. I've sold a few so far. In addition, I propose that HacDC purchase these shirts from me and do whatever HacDC wants to do with them (sell them, give them to long-time members, give them to all members, etc), whatever. It's been pointed out that members get just about zero perks or swag for supporting HacDC month after month. Other organizations give their contributors something like cheap t-shirts to aid advertising, recruitment, etc.

Enrique - the Oculus PC is back and not working; the video card stopped putting out any output and I haven't had time to troubleshoot it. If we manage to get it up again I'll bring the Oculus back, otherwise whatever.

Director Reports

President's Report

Vice President's Report

Treasurer's Report

  • We received our tax-exemption letter from the DC Office of Taxation, similar to the IRS 501c3 determination letter, which HacDC had neglected or not bothered to apply for. But we applied and straightened that out so we're straight with the DC government in addition to the IRS and better qualified to accept grants or whatever HacDC wants to do in the future.
  • Next we'll apply for a basic business license and a solicitation license, which are $220 and $420 and good for two years. Not cheap but I think we need this in order to ask people for money, which we do. So basically I'm not comfortable not doing this and being treasurer, so I'll do it.
  • We received $250 from Positive Force, the proceeds from their music show to benefit HacDC.
  • I forgot to bill a whole bunch of people (everyone I was supposed to bill) in May, so May sucks, and I'm going to bill those members $90 for June and July instead.... again, because I suck.
  • We wrote our last check for June rent and some DCRA application fees. We are out of checks. The new checkbook I ordered from VistaPrint is missing, seems to have disappeared between the UPS delivery and our mailbox unless it magically shows up. Mike is aware... I'll have to order another, i guess. They will only ship it to the address on the checks.

File:Http:// 2017-5.pdf

Secretary's Report

Director-at-Large Reports



Expect to be doing some Project OTR work in the near future.


Adjourned by at xxx by xxx