Regular Member Meeting 2017 08 05

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Date August 5, 2017c
Called to order at xxxx pm by xxxx
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Project Awesome Reports

Project SUPPLIES - Mirage

Project EXPANSION - Mirage

Project HAMRADIO - Jeff

Project Electron Microscope (SEM) - Enrique

Project Optical Table Robot (OTR) -Julia

Project CRISPR -Enrique

Project SpaceBlimp -Enrique

Project Media Outreach - Matt

Project IT Infrastructure - Tom

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  • I filed for a DC business license and a solicitation license from DCRA (, which together came to over $600 for two years. This is so we can legally get more than $1500 in donations or grants per year, which we should aim for. Next: find & seek grants! With all our paperwork in order I think we should contact the DC government (mayor?) directly and ask if they have a mechanism to help us financially.
  • I applied for a hardware donation from SparkFun and were awarded $150. We have to build a wishlist and send it to them (and complete the Program Agreement form). They want to see photos and stuff they can use for promotional purposes and I think we should oblige and hope to get more stuff from them in the future.

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