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Pursue a grant - Smart and Connected Communities (S&CC) and Neighborhood Artisan Centers (NACs)

Ken is proposing that HacDC submit a letter of intent and proposal to the National Science Foundation, bidding on their "Smart and Connected Communities (S&CC)" (Program Solicitation: NSF 18-520), in cooperation with Nation of Makers and the DC government's Safer, Stronger DC Community Partnerships.

    • January 30, 2018: Letter of Intent
    • February 28, 2018: Full Proposal Deadline
  • TL;RL: The goal of the NSF Smart and Connected Communities (S&CC) program solicitation is to accelerate the creation of the scientific and engineering foundations that will enable smart and connected communities to bring about new levels of economic opportunity and growth, safety and security, health and wellness, and overall quality of life. This goal will be achieved through integrative research projects that pair advances in technological and social dimensions with meaningful community engagement.
  • The pot: $19,250,000 divided between 7 to 15 bidders
  • Work in progress: A Concept for Neighborhood Artisan Centers
  • Additional information: Neighborhood Artisan Centers (NACs)

Project Awesome Reports

Project SUPPLIES - Mirage

Project EXPANSION - Mirage

Project HAMRADIO - Jeff

Project Electron Microscope (SEM) - Enrique

Using isopropyl alcohol we located a leak where the column connects to the side vacuum tube (the tube leading up to the gun on the side of the column). Confusingly, the application of alcohol helped the pressure fall quite a bit from 4000mTorr to about 500mTorr. However the desired pressure is closer to 10mTorr (check units on OEM indicator). Other leaks were generally ruled out including the main door seal, the gauge seal, a blank and the connection to the EDX (not the EDX itself). We should consider connecting the pump exhaust to the laser cutter exhaust to vent oil fumes that make it past the filter (they can be smelled in the room).

Project Optical Table Robot (OTR) -Julia

Project CRISPR -Enrique

We've contacted the CRISPR kit supplier who previously offered to send us a new version of the kit ingredients to arrange delivery for early January. Our plan is to perform the CRISPR experiment as soon as the kit arrives to avoid questions of storage temperature.

Project SpaceBlimp -Enrique

Project Media Outreach - Matt

Project IT Infrastructure - Tom

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