Regular Member Meeting 2018 07 10

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Time and Location

Called to order at 7:40 pm by Karen (President)
Members present: Karen Tom
Members remote: Kevin Tayeb
Others present:
Quorum met? No

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes


New Members

Tea is approved as a student member by acclamation.

Old Business

New Business

  • discussing air quality and installing an air echanger maybe or putting in a bigger particulate filter (
  • what to do when the classroom looks like it does right now
    • suggestions: have a monthly cleanup day
    • 4th sunday of each month maybe
    • karen makes regular trips to fort totten transfer station
  • ken wants to donate his vive when enrique maybe takes his PC back
    • needs quorum, he will email members
    • (wants members to buy a pc)
  • karen wants to know about the ham club

Project Awesome Reports

Project SUPPLIES - Mirage

Project EXPANSION - Mirage

Project HAMRADIO - Jeff

Project Electron Microscope (SEM) - Julia

Project Optical Table Robot (OTR) - Julia

Project CRISPR -Enrique

- Report and updates

Project SpaceBlimp -Enrique

- Report and updates

Project Media Outreach - Matt

Project IT Infrastructure - Tom

Member Reports

Director Reports (Governance related stuff)

President's Report

Vice President's Report

Treasurer's Report

This month with several large catch-up dues payments, we were a net positive after expenses of $440. It is difficult to assess the expected monthly income from looking at the cash flow spreadsheet because of differing payment cadences, the best way is through looking at the current membership numbers. We added two new members last month, for a total of 25 members in good standing. At the current rates that everyone is paying it works out to an average of $1340 a month. This is below our breakeven point (~1600) so we are slowly losing money though we as the BOD are looking into methods to extend HacDC's funding support.

Secretary's Report

Director-at-Large Reports




Adjourned by at 8:40 pm by Karen