Regular Member Meeting 2018 12 18

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Time and Location

Called to order at xxxx pm by xxxx
Members present:
Members remote:
Others present:
Quorum met?

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes


New Members

Old Business

New Business

Project Awesome Reports

Project SUPPLIES - Mirage

Project EXPANSION - Mirage

Project HAMRADIO - Jeff

Project Electron Microscope (SEM) - Julia

Project Optical Table Robot (OTR) - Julia

Project CRISPR -Enrique

- Report and updates

Project SpaceBlimp -Enrique

- Report and updates

Project Media Outreach - Matt

Project IT Infrastructure - Tom

Member Reports

Director Reports (Governance related stuff)

President's Report

Vice President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Secretary's Report

Director-at-Large Reports




Adjourned by at xxx by xxx