Regular Member Meeting 2020 05 12

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Time and Location

Date: May 12th, 2020
Called to order at 7:40 pm by Karen
Members present: Eight members present: Karen, Tayeb, Kevin, Matt, Obi, John, Ken, and one other member
Members remote: None
Others present:
Quorum met? Yes

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New Members

No new members

Old Business

  • John wants to make sure that cleaning the space stays on the radar, and Tayeb will look for additional recycling options because Ft Totten is not currently accepting recycling.

New Business

  • Karen -- We want to host online activities at HacDC, to keep us active during the lockdown. Luis may be able to spearhead a "work simultaneously on a project with multiple people". Luis will work with John Pancoast to design a receiver for people to build for the foxhunt. There could also be a class online to set up an rtl-sdr as the receiver for a foxhunt
  • Matt to lead class on 3D printing. The first class can be a discussion of how to use your 3D printer to print PPE for use by hospitals. Matt will get in contact with local hospitals to assess need and requirements for helping

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Current balance is $4700, including Paypal (so all of our assets). We have 19 paying members currently. As Don stated, we are far under and we may need to up the membership dues, even though they are already high. Dues alone only pay for half of our expenses. Once we pay June and May rent, we will have $1440 in our account. Karen notes that we’ve asked Mike about an easement on rent payments, and we are not seeing donations from people who would normally visit the space so the coronavirus is impacting our cash flow. We also may still have $1500 in Facebook waiting to be transferred in donations, and there may be funds available for non-profits impacted by the shelter-in-place order.

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