Regular Member Meeting 2020 09 08

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Time and Location

Date: August 18th, 2020
Called to order at 7:35 pm by Karen
Members present: (7) Karen, Ken, Obioma, John, Matt, Ken, Brian
Members remote: None
Others present:
Quorum met? Yes

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes



John Pancoast for facilitating the lock change and interfacing with Mike

Don Jones for acquiring the new lock for HacDC

New Members

No new members

Old Business

  • We are looking for opportunities to be more in line with the mission of the church, and find ways to help them. Tayeb proposes an idea of having a TechSupport day offered by HacDC for either the public or church tenants. And volunteers himself for the job

Follow Up: Need to brainstorm ideas first and then get back to Mike

  • How does our mission intersect with Saint Stephens? Ideas:
    • Distance learning help for kids -- solicit computer donations to give to kids who don't have access
    • Improving computer literacy course
    • Participating in distance learning tutoring if that is possible
  • We have not heard anything new from the District Makers, and are not sure if they are still active in any way. There is potential for setting up a shop in the basement in collaboration with them (maybe give them control). Eugene sent email, Tayeb sent back email offering dates for zoom call (Tue, Wed, Thur first week of September) but heard no response. After calling, we are now planning on meeting with Eugene
  • Brian: Looked to fix network issues to allow full remote operation of Ham Radio station. Will need to interface with the IT person from St Stephens. Ethan Waldo volunteered to help fix this, Don and Mike were able to work to fix this so it should work now

New Business

  • Karen and John to meet and install the new HacDC door lock, and then email the membership with the new information to access the space
  • Brian and John: Possibility of charging for remote use of the Ham Radio Station for non-members. A significant amount of work needed on the roof of HacDC that has a non-zero cost
  • Kevin: Is there a possibility of making the servers available to HacDC members? Tayeb volunteers himself to try initial setup of the servers

Project Awesome Reports

Project HAMRADIO - Jeff

Project Electron Microscope (SEM)

Member Reports

Director Reports (Governance related stuff)

President's Report

Vice President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Financial Report: Current Balance -- $4362 We currently have 18 paying members, $950 from dues and an additional $390 from donations. Rent is $732 for September, total expenses are $793

Secretary's Report

Director-at-Large Reports


Adjourned by at 20:45 by Karen