Regular Member Meeting 2021 07 13

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Time and Location

Date: July 13th 2021
Called to order at 7:34 pm by Tayeb
Members present: Matt, Michelle, Tayeb, Gabe, Kevin, Ken
Members remote: (all)
Others present: Raza, TS, BP
Quorum met? Yes

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes


  • Open Project Night -- everyone who showed up and Gabe for hosting!
  • Tristian -- for hosting Capture The Flag event!

New Members

Old Business

  • Pro RecycleWorks collaboration -- weekend of July 10th Philly Trip (Kevin, Ken, Tayeb) met up with Sanjay (formerly in DC); met with Maurice and saw electronic recycling facility (he has small warehouse facility, truck, many paid assistants who are formerly incarcerated); hard disk drives, cd drives, etc; charges for the waste leftover. What could HacDC offer them? Very introductory programming classes. Kevin and Tayeb will work to teach some intro programming. Next planning meeting is for next Friday.
  • Food Kitchen (DC Food Bank) -- They are booked out as far as they are planning - there is no space for a group on Saturdays, there is no real need here. Instead, Tayeb will ask Mike how can help with food donations at St. Stephens.
  • Capture The Flag Night -- 6+ people was successful! Will move forward with this as a recurring monthly event.
  • Monthly Sentiment Survey -- July received half of responses as prior months except requests for "ventilation" was ~85% requested which was much higher than previously listed. Probably we need to advertise this better if we want higher on-site attendance. New policy is "masks not required unless someone in attendance makes a request."
  • Twilio Authentication -- api on is malfunctioning to ring phone properly

New Business

  • Pro RecycleWorks collaboration -- will visit their facility in late May/beginning of June with Kevin, Tayeb, and Sanjay (+ maybe others) -- Update haven't heard back but will follow up, Kevin will discuss
  • Funds surplus -- possible use could be a capital purchase; MattS
    • Laser cutter -- Tayeb sees this is a significant gap in our space; would require ventilation (as an adjunct cost); MattS
    • TV Camera --
    • (something that makes it more attractive to attend in-person)
    • Other -- someone might want to research to see what are "standard tools" that hackerspaces have
  • Hive76 (in Philly) --
  • Deep Learning -- targeting course for September not Coursera curriculum but designed by HacDC :)
  • Membership -- desire to change our membership to allow for two membership classes (access to physical space, no access to physical space) in part to facilitate the virtual classes which should be popular; any change to membership means a change to the Bylaws

Project Awesome Reports

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Adjourned by ???