Regular Member Meeting 2021 10 12

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Time and Location

Date October 12th 2021
Called to order at 7:39pm by Tayeb
Members present: Kevin, Tayeb*, Michelle*, Obi, John*, Ken, Gabe*, Tristan
Members remote: (all)
Others present: Bob
Board present: (*)
Quorum met? Yes

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes


Tristan - for Capture the Flag Ken - for re-introduction to Nation of Makers in regards to partnerships

New Members


Old Business

Workspace. TV -- is now working - has been fixed! Workspace. Laser Cutter -- we need leads on <$2,000 laser cutters (time to broadcast on Blabber?) Workspace. New Church POC -- former POC, Mike, has left his position with the church. The replacement is: The Rev. Rondesia Jarrett-Schell Workspace. Mail -- checks need to be deposited by Matt Annual Membership Survey. Responses -- as of this evening, we have 36 responses. Will send one more email before providing summary at next Monthly Members Meeting. PAR Recycle Works (hardware recycling program in Philadelphia) -- Kevin talking with Sanjay tomorrow

New Business

Rocketry. Hobbyist -- Tristan looking for partners in rocketry. Blabber is decent resource for this. Courses. Free CAD -- Tristan interested in setting this up for every other Wednesdays. Courses. Microfabrication -- Ethan may (re-join and) offer course around microfabrication every other Mondays we don't have Project Night. Event. Capture the Flag -- continuing these in some form bi-weekly - we are trying to find a new time that works for everyone. Also, could use some instructors/leaders - Tayeb will send out email to prospectives. Possibly works best from home with own setup. Workspace. Tours, in-person -- Tayeb (or one of existing members) should reach out to Josh (+1) and Sara to give tours. Workspace. Covid -- masks required when inside the building shared space; DC and the church policy set the rules. Membership. Annual Membership Survey -- Michelle has results / exec summary for November's MMM.

Project Awesome Reports

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Project Media Outreach - ???

Project IT Infrastructure - ???

Member Reports

Director Reports (Governance related stuff)

President's Report

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Treasurer's Report

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Adjourned by at 8:27pm by Tayeb