Regular Member Meeting 2021 12 14

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Time and Location

Date Tue 14 Dec 2021
Called to order at 7:47pm pm by Tayeb
Members present: Tayeb* (on-site)
Members remote: Michelle*, Matt S, Brian*, Ken
Others present: Roden
Quorum met? No
  • = board members

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes


Tristan - for Microfabrication and FreeCAD events donors - special thanks... just because

New Members

Old Business

New Workspace Oversight Person - Rev. Rondesia Jarrett-Schell; wants to know who is using the roof (and when we use it) and when/how they need to use it; no rent increase thus far; they are trying a leak in the basement and want us to de-clutter the basement so they can get that fixed. Par Cycleworks - Kevin spoke with Sanjai and Maurice; Kevin in process of setting up first session; project ON HOLD until better organizing DIY microphone project (by Robert Phelps) - hybrid at-home/at-HACDC project; machining appears to involve only filing and drilling (although soldering with optional kitchen blow torch used to weld copper ring; might be able to find copper ring already joined/one piece so necessary grounding still takes place); $30 in parts to make $900-quality comparable model; gauge interest (video); carryover to next month Lathe machine (loaner) - Tristan to borrow ~1 month to prevent from going back and forth to space Annual Survey (by Michelle) - more in-depth discussion at Board member Coinbase Hack - why oh why, Coinbase? was always "fun money", now is "gone money"

New Business

Zoom - want to switch from Jitsi; initially requested by Ethan; will use TechSoup nonprofit account; former person setup was Nicholas (secretary before Tayeb) O'Reilly Community Partner - Kevin set us up; we need to add their logo on the website and add them to at least one of our newsletters “Unified Data” Project (Phase 1) "Wiki-Website-Meetup-Google" - Michelle is interested in leading, already in discussion with Kevin on to spec out requirements to do this (as well as backup-and-recovery strategies) (potential other phases: instructor/member on-boarding, open data pilot project) April 24, 2022 at Montgomery College at Rockville Science - "family fun" event; outdoors and free to host a booth; HacDC will host a booth (soldering class, robotics); Tayeb will follow-up; exhibitors setup is (April 23 and April 24 early morning) John & Don - their grant for Amateur Radio looks good; will get $26k to improve antenna system - mostly goes to Aries (radio for emergency) Trivia Vender Machine (via Dallas Hackerspace) - only way to get food is to answer science questions; Phil wants to build a portable one where students write the questions (can use coupons or others); would be interested in donating - Phil interested in helping share his invention during the Rockville event

Project Awesome Reports

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Project EXPANSION - ???

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Project Media Outreach - ???

Project IT Infrastructure - ???

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Adjourned by at Tayeb by 8:45pm