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Project Plan

In order to get this project under way, it will be important to have a schedule that is workable, given that we have a month and a half or so to plan and execute the event. Thanks to Nick for this first cut at what needs to be done. Over the following week or so, we will identify folks to take these action items and give them a due date.

0) Ensure the venue is sufficient

1) Solidify the schedule for the event:

  • We have the Auditorium from 08:00 Saturday Morning to roughly 09:00 Sunday Morning
  • Due to church activities, we'll have to shift quietly into the HacDC space or our Workshop until roughly 13:00 Sunday afternoon, when we move down to the Dining Room.
  • Then we have the Dining Room until Monday morning.
  • Do we need to schedule time on Friday night?
  • Are we going to have classes, mini events, talks, etc? If so, what? We should try to make the event something that people can come check out for an hour, as well as have specific talks, classes, events, demos that people need to be there for at a specific time. (Otherwise, some people might not show up!)

2) Solidify the budget

  • This event should be free and open to the public, like all HacDC events
  • What are we going to realistically need/want to provide? Food? A machine for HacDC? Etc.

3) Publicity/Future

  • How frequently do we want to blog about it on, possibly cross-promote on, or other sites? Thingiverse?
  • When do we want to really start hitting make, etc.
  • What are we calling the event? Are we committing to doing something like this annually? Quarterly?