Resource Disposal

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This page represents the current disposal policy of HacDC, adpoted on 4/14/2015.

Disposal Policy

  • Storage shall include a clearly labeled “Outgoing” shelf area and a clearly labeled “Trash” shelf area.
  • The Outgoing area shall be considered closed to new items (and clearly labeled as such) at least 2 weeks prior to each monthly members' meeting and all items photographed and advertised to members at that time. Immediately following each monthly members' meeting, the Secretary shall coordinate the relabeling of Outgoing pile items as Trash. Members will thus have a minimum of 2 weeks to remove any items from Outgoing.
  • Knowledgeable members are encouraged to establish and announce the fair market value of any high-value items in Outgoing.
  • Members may only take personal ownership of HacDC items in the Trash pile. Members may make arrangements with the Secretary to take possession of HacDC property as soon as it's moved to the Trash pile (following the monthly members meeting). If the Trash shelving is near capacity, the Board may solicit bids for the chore of responsibly disposing of the entire Trash pile at a monthly members' meeting, up to the maximum of one monthly membership fee (currently $60). In the absence of a membership vote otherwise, the Board may only accept the lowest bid.
  • The DC Department of Public Works offers a free, weekly electronics recycling drop-off service at the Benning Road Trash Transfer Station, 3200 Benning Road NE, each Saturday from 8 am to 3 pm (check website for updated hours).

(update, see: Fort Totten Transfer Station, )

  • In cases of emergency when storage shelving is full and access to work areas or the safety of members requires accelerated disposal of HacDC property, the Board of Directors may vote to document, declare and announce an Emergency Disposal Week and shorten the minimum advertisement period of Outgoing 3 days for that week.