Resource Disposal

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This page represents the current resource disposal policy of HacDC.

In my own lair, I can make solo judgments about what to keep and what to pitch, but in a community workspace it would suck for one person to throw out stuff that someone else wanted to keep. At the June 3rd, 2008 meeting, a basic outgoing-stuff strategy was outlined:

  • If you think something should be thrown out, move it to the outgoing-stuff box.
  • After a week in the box, if nobody objects, out it goes.
  • If you want something in the box, consider taking it home instead of storing it at the space!
  • Suggestion: start our own Great Internet Migratory Box Of Electronics Junk

Incoming donations that do not find their way into the HacDC infrastructure, set aside for a project or identified as valuable for future use in its donated form should be, in the following order of priority:

  1. Cannibalized for usable parts, craft projects and/or disassembled for educational purposes
  2. Donated to another non-profit organization who could divert the donation from the waste stream
  3. Granted to a member who promises to divert the item from the waste stream and not sell the item for personal gain. (Must notify Central Services for compliance reasons before acquiring or removing resources donated to HacDC.)
  4. Sold to any for-profit organization or individual willing to pay for it

Finally, property which remains without purpose or plan for more than one month will be sent away for responsible e-waste recycling.