Resource Use Policy

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HacDC makes resources available for member and community use. HacDC must ensure that these resources are used responsibly and within any applicable guidelines set down by suppliers of those resources.

Space Use Policy

(This will require some extensive discussion)

Tools & Equipment Use Policy

Bring your tools

  • If you're a member, bring your tools and equipment!
    • Consider donating some tools to HacDC for everyone's use. Let the Minister of Finance know if you donate a tool!
    • If you want to leave a tool for general use, but retain ownership, CLEARLY LABEL it as your property, via engraving or permanent marker.
    • If you do not want people using a tool of yours, you must lock it up somewhere.
  • Every tool must have a designated storage space.

Use Tools Responsibly

  • SAFETY FIRST. Always use all applicable safety equipment whenever using a tool
  • Tools labelled "HacDC" are for all member use at all times. Do not hog tools!
  • Tool owners have first priority use over their tools at all times, even if left out for public use. Be considerate of those loaning you their tools!
  • If you don't know how to use a tool, don't use it until someone shows you how.
  • NEVER use a power tool unless you are specifically authorized and trained to use one.
  • If you need specific authorization to use a tool, get that authorization before using it.
  • If you break a tool, let the owner know
    • If you break a HacDC tool, write with specifics on what happened.
    • If you break a privately owned tool, contact the owner.

Put Tools Away

  • Return every tool and piece of equipment to its proper SAFE position when finished.
  • If you get a tool or piece of equipment dirty, clean it.
  • Every tool must be put away when finished.

Internet Use Policy

(When we get Internet, that AUP will go here)