Sensor Network

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[ Device ]<--- ? Wire Language ? --->[ Driver ]<--- ? Message Format ? --->[ XMPP server ]<--- ? Message Format ? --->[ XMPP client ]

Wire Language

The wire language will be device-specific. Devices can speak any language they want as long as someone has written a "driver" to translate that language to/from the chosen format that will transmitted/received over XMPP.

JeeMesh protocol is being worked on to extend the RF12 frame network to support datagrams up to 1022 bytes over a mesh of JeeNodes. The goal is to support up to 4 hop meshes of up to 26 nodes plus 4 servers/gateways each.

Message Format

Since XMPP messages are already XML, I think it makes sense to use an XML vocabulary as the message format.

Possible candidates would be:

  • EEML: Extended Environment Markup Language
    • Very simple
    • Widely deployed.
    • Not a true standard
    • No namespace
  • SensorML: Open Geospatial Consortium's Sensor Markup Language
    • More complex
    • Possibly not an open standard
    • Not as widely deployed.

Based on my quick research I'm not entirely pleased with either one. A third option to consider would be designing our own XML vocabulary.

The reason for having a standard message format is to encourage collaboration and interoperability between devices and client applications. Use of the message format would be opt-in.

Discuss your ideas!