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HacDC Feb 6th Preliminary Party Plans

The runtime of the event will take place from 10pm and I believe a run time of ending at 3:30 or 4am should be sufficient for cleanup and restoring location.


I think we would need about 10 people operation as security/sweepers/workers roving around making sure things are operating. One/Two running the door. Two people on the sides of the pews. One person by the stage for the DJ's, One person running the access to the VIP area on the loft. One person Roving around the back by the Hackerspace projects/Bar area. One in the HacDC area upstairs. One near the stairs roving up and down making sure people know where to go. One Overall rover and running in case any area gets swamped.


Two non security people should be running the Bar, or based on the amount of people rushing it One.


I believe wrist banding(or sharpying) OR getting stickers and tagging the shmoocon badge would be the best way for the party where we ID everyone at the door with either Passports or Government issued ID for the liquor that will be on premises.

Liquor and beer stuff – If we are expecting 500 people at the maximum, not everyone will be drinking, but a lot are boozehounds, so I would say a median of 4 bottles of beer per person should be the average. So a total of 2000 bottles of a variety of Beer, but we can switch that up by 1000 Bottles of beer for a selection of Liquors with mixers, but then we have to worry abut cutting people off.

For locations of equipment for the Hackerspaces section. We would need at least a 6 foot table per presentation.

  • More to come.

Chillout area as requested by H1kari will probably be upstairs in the loft soft chairs/bean bags would have to be acquired if they can fit. Or other accomadations. I currently do not know based on pictures what the setup would be upstairs for that the happen. Nick will further inform on that situation.

For the Main area

We are planning on having the DJ's play in “front” of the altar With the front 50 percent of the pews moved from the Main area to the side and have the Two security personel walking back and forth to make sure people don't mess with the areas.

Technical Equipment Desired

  • Three (3) Video Projectors & tables or mounting for each projector
  • One (1) Dozen trash barrels along with cleaning suppliles
  • Lots of Caution tape to rope off restricted areas.
  • Laser Graffiti provided by CCCKC
  • Lighting
    • -Ashfixit can provide ~10 par cans lamped with par56 500w mfl -- needs gels, bases and cable

I would like to have ceiling and hall bathed in Red and the pillars in another color but Ash and I are discussing other ideas, but that is just the overall look of the place. We would need strobes and other lighting implements for the music and general feel. I'm discussing with Josh(The DJ from Chicago) if we are to use Geiss or other visualizations in sync with the music I'm working on other visualizations to be put on during the whole event.

DJ Equipment Requested. Actually its two lists. There is still an unknown factor as to who else is spinning and if they are vinyl or CD, but it doesn't change much.

Outside of amp/speakers/required cabling/etc (which I am not qualified to make any recommendations on other than that they should be LOUD) the following is needed:

  • [Ashfixit] can lend Yamaha O3D mix desk.. but it's not for DJ use.
  • 1x Pioneer DJM-800 (four channel mixer with phono inputs) - Being Rented by Josh & Eric
  • 2x Technics 1200 turntables + needed cabling (RCA audio + grounding) - 1 being brought other Being Rented by Josh & Eric
    • [Ashfixit] can lend (1) Technics 1200-mkII and Radio System RIAA preamp, no stylus/slip mat
  • 1x SL1 for Serato Scratch Live

Also, I will be bringing my KORG KP3 effects pad for all to use.


  • 2x Mackie SRM450 or similar quality
    • Ashfixit can provide (2) Mackie SRM-350 with stands.
  • 2x Mackie 1801z bass cabs or similar quality
    • [Ashfixit] may be building a balticbirchmonster sub - Being Rented by Josh and Eric

Holt has recommended - seems like a appropriate company and prices that Josh and I have decided that we will rent from them out of pocket for the remainder of the equipment so as to not have hassles.

DJ Personal commuted/confirmed

DJ Jackalope (Cancelled for work engagement)

DJ Josh of Epoch Fail

DJ Keith Myers aka CMOS


Other IMPORTANT details

I do not know based on current photos which religious  ornamentation  will be covered or need to be covered but Nick will make everyone aware which has to be.

I was made aware that we have full setup for cleanup after the fact. But if not if we can have who is also going to stay after for cleanup, that would be wonderful. I am staying until the job is done.

Projects to Possibly show in the Auditorium

Travis Goodspeed and Josh Gourneau, Belt Buckle with LED's -

LabyWiinth - CCCKC -

Mp3 Grenade - NYCR, Matt Joyce. -

Laser Graffiti Tag - CCCKC -

Possible Auction? - Nick get back to me on this.