Shop Rules

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This policy, as written here: , was approved during the Regular Member Meeting 2013 06 11.


The Shop Rules are a guide for neighborly conduct in the shop and a codification of expected actions given unneighborly conduct.


  • Clean up when you are done for the day or are leaving the space.


  • Don't hack on tools they are not project fodder.
  • If you don't know how to use a tool ask for help.
  • If no one present knows how to use a tool ask the internet.


Junk Disposal

  • If a Bench space is not clean and no one present claims the Item(s) and there is no label/note indicating ownership or intent to return in a Reasonable amount of time, the Item(s) may be placed in a Level 1 Junk Bin. If the Item(s) has a clearly labeled owner, then good faith effort should be made to ensure the Item(s) make it back to the owner, but may be removed from the bench.

Special Cases

Bench Freeze

  • Bench Freeze - Some projects may require Bench space for longer than is pragmatic for the owner to stay with the Item(s):
    • In these cases the Bench surface should be taped off around the Item(s), and the tape should have:
      • the name of the owner
      • constraints of the Bench Freeze (start time, end time, Item is damaged if ...).
    • If the Item(s) are to be left for more than 24hrs the tape should ideally also have:
      • contact info
      • directions for safe removal
    • After the time constraints have elapsed the Items(s) should be removed from the Bench by one of the following:
      • by the owner or agent thereof
      • anyone (if needed)


The Rules section of this page should be clearly posted in all areas where it applies and/or on or near all entrances where it applies.

If the rules on this wiki page don't match posted rules they should be updated such that the posted rules match the wiki.


For the compulsively pedantic among us.

  • Bench - horizontal surface that is not a part of a living thing, vehicle, or electronic device.
  • Bin - A container
  • Junk Bin - A Bin labeled as being a Junk Bin
  • Item - something that is not a bench or a living thing
  • Reasonable - passes personal nontechnical judgement
  • Certified - as per Tool Certifications. (Requirements can be as low as following a checklist while operating.)